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Book Review : Group Study In Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Group Study in Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Edited by:
J. D. Patil, M. D (Hom)
ISBN: 9788131901700
Name & Location of Publisher:
D-157, Sector – 63, NOIDA – 201307, U.P (INDIA)
Number of Pages:
i – ix
1 – 466
Price: 349/- I N R
Type of book: The author has laid down great stockpile of literature in Group Study of Materia Medica, for the learners of Homoeopathy. The book is explicitly dedicated to the exhaustive study of Group Study in Materia Medica, in a balanced and lucid presentation of the facts of various Groups of Materia Medica. Literary harmony and well co-ordinated matter regarding individual Groups of Materia Medica is an essential attribute of academic excellence, which scholars will experience while going through this book. The book provides valuable guidance about the Study of Materia Medica, particularly notable are the charts which convey the therapeutical information so coherently.
Aims of this book: This book aims to provide comprehensive and valuable information regarding different groups in Materia medica. Although there are multi-authored encyclopedic books in the subject of materia medica but none of them explores the group study of materia medica in such a commanding, methodological and analytical way. The book highlights and explores the keynote characteristic attributes of various groups and also simultaneously compares them in a precise way.
Book Format: The goal of this book is to understand the group tends of remedies of materia medica in a comprehensive and systematic way. The scholastic information imparted in this book will familiarize disciples of Homoeopathy, of how to understand the Materia Medica of a Group as a whole. Dr. J D Patil has produced a very readable book, almost conversational in style, in which they dissected the group study of Materia Medica in an exhaustive way. One of the most exemplary new traits of this book is that the longstanding concept of group study in Materia Medica presented in a new reasoned and more explainable way. It is a unique compilation that presents schematic overview of group-wise study of drugs included in the homeopathic Materia Medica. Flow charts are added for ready reference. This book is far ahead of the books in the same theme and is completely true value of its price.
Finally, on the end note, the reluctance with which I embarked on fulfilling my commitment to writing a review of this book changed to delight as soon as I encountered the crisp clarity and insight in its pages. Printing and binding of book is of international quality.
The book is an excellent resource for post graduates, PhD scholars, clinicians and researchers of homoeopathy. Indeed, it was a privilege to write a review of this book.
Prof. Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain
H.O.D., Materia Medica
Registrar, Homoeopathy University Jaipur 

“Materia Medica is a vast subject with more then 3500 drugs. Each drug has symptoms from Head to feet, and remembering the symptoms of each drug is a daunting task. Many authors of Homeopathy has come out with different methods but the problem remains how to remember symptoms of each drug. In this book through hard work and commitment towards materia medica Dr J.D. Patil has shown a new Ray of Hope to understand and learn homeopathic drugs without any problem. In this book, the author has explained majority of drugs in 50 heads to give full understanding about drugs. Each topic Theme section is superb to understand the group as a whole and the second part is The 50 Charts which are self explanatory to understand all the drugs of that group. This book will be a boon to the UG and PG students and also a great tool for practicing homeopathic doctor. I wish he writes many more such books for the upliftment of Homeopathy in general and Students and Doctors in particular for simple and easy Homeopathy.” Dr Neeraj Goel, Professor and HOD, Dept of Materia Medeica, Smt CMPH medical college, Mumbai

“In this book, medicine s are presented on the basis of groups. Each medicine is described neatly in schematic form. Common symptoms of each group and whole presentation of a drug in one page  at the end are really very unique. This book is rich in information. Hope, this book will be helpful for all.” Dr Arpita Basu (H.O.D.), Dept. Of Materia Medica, Mahesh Bhattacharyya Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital,  Govt. Of West Bengal.

“I think this book is very needful for undergraduate & postgraduate students as well as Practitioners for daily practice. Unique features of this book is schematic presentation, flow chart & concisely presented the groups of homeopathic drugs (animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom, mineral kingdom, nosode, sarcode). In this book represent the group study very simple & easily comprehensible form. So UG & PG students & practitioners both are beneficial to read this book.” Dr Trishita Basu, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Materia Medica, Mahesh Bhattacharyya Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital,  Govt. Of West Bengal.

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