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Book Review – Talks on Classical Homoeopathy by George Vithoulkas

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy by George Vithoulkas
Author of – Science of Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy – medicine of new men etc
This book is compiled, edited by Dr.B.P. Rao
Publisher – B. Jain Publishers (P) LTD – USA – EUROPE-INDIA
Year – 2006-2008 – Reprint Edition
Price- Rs.279
Editor – B.P.Rao
This book is divided into:

  • Case Reports
  • Materia Medica
  • Discussions
  • In this book author has reveled 33 clinical cases, selected from his collection of more than 60,000 cases.
  • Each chapter consists of clinical condition followed by name of medicine.
  • It is not merely information of homoeopathic materia medica of the drug but also it is direct discussion between George Vithoulkas and intellectual, educated thinkers invited specially for making knowingly dismemberment of prescriptions.
  • This book is in the form of word to word questions and answers of discussion uttered by George Vithoulkas. Page numbers are given followed by symptomatology and materia medica from Kent’s literature.
  • The latest internationally accessible list of homoeopathic remedies has been under chapter “Remedies and their abbreviations.
  • In the heading of chapter full names of homoeopathic drugs are mentioned otherwise short form is given.
  • The detailed attention has been given to 42 drugs out of 123 remedies mentioned in index which are more familiar to physician.
  • It is an intended work for physicians to enjoy, appreciate, experience, and admire a great healing art.

Dr.Ambrish P. Uke (M.D. Hom, D.A.F.E.)
Asso.Proff. Dept. Repertory DYPHMCRC Pune,
Consultant  at Sanjeevani Multispecialty   Pune.

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