Dr C. J Varghese’s invitation to join the GNM India WhatsApp group


About GNM

GNM (German new medicine) is a new pattern of medicine, and a real consciousness. It is aconsciousness that our system possesses self-healing capabilities.

Dr Hahnemann in the preface of the fourth edition ofORGANON OF MEDICINE, said that every individual has a natural healing process (vis medicatrixnaturae), with the control to promote healing and/or continue good health (homeostasis).

Dr Hamer, the Father of GNM had the same certainty and said that disease is not a worthless “error” of nature or biology but a distinct program formed by nature over millions of years of development to allow organisms to supersede everyday functioning and to deal with particular backup situations; they are wonderful programs and, if unstated correctly, provide the person and the group with a way to deal with “out of the ordinary” circumstances.

So, they all have to understand that every incidence in the universe is even in the outline of the whole and that the events they have called “diseases” are not pointless turbulences to be repaired by jugglers.

Hence, onemust join the group named “GNM INDIA”, to understand the phenomena of natural healing, on which the whole homeopathy depends.


How GNM came into research?

Dr RykeGeerd Hamer (1935 – 2017), a German Physician, after 30 long years of scientific research, revealed Five Biological Laws of Nature and prepared them the Foundation of a very Revolutionary Medical Science called German New Medicine (GNM).

The aim behind the GNM group

The group is working with the aim to bring about a revolution in the arena of Medicine with the right information of Health and Healing as knowledge is the greatest power.

So, one can stay perfectly healthy, keep one’s family, friends and finally whole world healthy, by learning the particulars of GNM.

Who brings out GNM group in India?

Dr C.J Varghese is the first and only credited Teacher of the International Learning GNM Team, educating GNM in India under the direction of Caroline Markolin. He is the manager of the whatsapp Group “GNM INDIA “, which is entirely for free Learning of GNM. In today time, there are 1633 members in the 9 groups, GNM INDIA A, B, C, D,E,F, G, H and I, out of which H is an extraordinary group exclusively for the Classical Homoeopaths, Knowledge GNM in a detailed manner.

Procedure to join GNM group

We are happy to announce that Admission for GNM group is going on and most of the GNM group members belongs to the Homeopathy, although it also includes Allopath’s, Ayurvedics, Dentists, Health workers, Psychologists, Neurologists, counsellors, bankers, business men, teachers, retired persons etc. from all walks of life and from all states of India.

Hence, Any of the Indian adult who has keen interest in Learning GNM can join the new group spontaneously by sending a request whatsapp message to Dr C. J Varghese, (phone: 9447019733) submitting his or her fullname, profession and address counting city, state of India and with a contract to obey the rules of the group.

To know more aboutDr C.J Varghese visit:http://learninggnm.com/documents/varghese.html

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