Webinar based on Mistletoe Therapy Training for medical Practitioners – In Nasik from 27th Jan till 10th March 2019.


The Webinar will be organised by ICIO cancer care foundation in collaboration with Dr Batra&Filderklinik, Germany. It will be the First Webinar based International Practical approach of Homeopathic Mistletoe (Viscum Album) therapy training.

The webinar will be going to have 6 lectures in a period of two months followed by workshop and exam in Nasik and the trip to Germany that includesIntegrative Oncology Hospital, visit a Mistletoe manufacturing unit and visit the mistletoe plantation. The participants from all across India are welcomed in the Webinar. And remember that the Participation in all lectures and visit to Germany is mandatory.

Webinar structure: Our webinar will conduct lectures along with workshop and practical session.

workshop/ practical training

Panacea Hospital: Mumbai Agra Highway-RajmataJijau Marg, Govind Nagar, Nasik – 422009.

FilderstadtKlinik, Filderstadt, Germany.

We are happy to inform that our speakers forthe webinar programme are being from USA, Egypt and India.


Dr Sandeep Roy.

DrNasha Winters (USA)

DrWafaa Abdel Hadi (Medical Oncologist Egypt)

DrMitesh Kothari (Mumbai)


Dr Firuzi Mehta

Certification: The certification will be provided at the last in Germany by one of the renowned doctors of the field.

We advise you to plan the Webinar from 27th Jan till 10th March 2019, withWebinar fees INR.50000/- inclusive of all course material & Exams fees, 2 Nights accommodation in Germany.  Please note that other expenses to Germany visit shall be abided by the participant. The last date for the webinar registration is up to 10 Jan 2019. Hence, visit www.cancercarefoundation.org.in for further registration.





Event calendar

Webinar based on Mistletoe Therapy Training for medical Practitioners

27th Jan – 10th March 2019

Workshop/ seminar at Panacea Hospital Nasik, India

Visit to Germany

Webinar fees: 50,000/-


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