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Quest on for quacks, unqualified staff

The district administration and health department have increased surveillance and promised firm measure against quacks and unqualified staff in the hospital after several cases came to light lately. Within the period of last 15 months, 18 quacks were caught and approximate 20 hospitals and drug stores with the unqualified staff were sealed by the health officers in the district. A clinic gets sealed at Ammapettai on 10th of the November when one unqualified woman was caught allegedly treating the patient. “Nagu Clinic” was supposed to be run by Trichy based doctor, who has approximate 12 hospitals across the district. Dr S Smasath begum, joint director of health services told that the large search would be going to conduct in the district to caught quacks or unqualified staff, as the department had been receiving petitions from the general public.
“The hospital and drug store that were raided located in the Thuvarankurchi, Musiri, Trichy, and Somarasampeti”, said Dr Begum. JDHS said, “In an around, 13 hospitals and drug store were raided in Musiri, Trichy, and Somarasampeti, approximate 5 in each”. A team of JDHS, District Siddha medical officer and drug inspector have conducted the raid in hospital and drug store.
The unqualified staff providing the treatment was the main reason behind the closing of the hospital. “While the drug stores get sealed as pharmacist possessing a fake certificate as well as the administering of injections was there”, an official said.
“Many of the quacks, who had been clamming of siddha or homeopathy treatment, carried a fake or unrecognised certificate”, doctors said. “Most of the quacks showed the certificate during raid claimed that they received it from the reputed universities outside the Tamil Nadu”, said by DSMO Dr S kamaraj. He further added that the general public should be more aware that the person is recognised as Siddha doctor if they have been registered under Tamil Nadu Siddha medical council.
“The most of the quacks were only found to be provided with the basic treatment, no surgery procedure was there”, the official said. “In only one of the acupressure centre conducted by quacks, performing the delivery, the clinic is sealed and quack is arrested”, said the officials.

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