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Homoeopathy excellent for treating psoriasis: Study

Hyderabad: As a disorder, psoriasis influences the skin as well as takes an overwhelming toll on physical, mental and economic parts of persons stressed with it.
Indeed, psoriasis also disclosures patients to stress and depression, said the former president of The Trichological Society, UK, Dr Akshay Batra.
Psoriasis ranks as high as tumours and diabetes in terms of negative impact of life, said by a physician in a paper on psoriasis recently, presented by Dr Akshay in Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LHMI) conference held in Cape Town.
Dr Akshay, who is also MD of Dr Batra’s group of companies, said, ‘Perceptions from a sample size of over 8,000 persons across the world indicated that psoriasis patients practice discrimination. The illness exaggerated their work life, relationships and had long-term psychological problems,’ said by a majority of patients.
The psoriasis therapy from homoeopathy was found to be far more holistic, safe and delivers long-term solutions when compared with the allopathic therapy, he said.
A study on psoriasis patients amongst the age group of 10 years and 60 years from five Indian cities who were on homoeopathy treatment for a year conducted by Dr Akshay. The study specified that health-related quality of life enhanced after treatment, regardless of the type and severity of the disorder.
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