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Why Dr. Hahnemann had to discover a new, unique, latest technological method for the preparation of medicines and their administration to the patients?

I am having a fear. Fear of what? What and why I am writing and reporting documented(ing) cases with reports (Laboratory & Medical Imaging Technology such as CT, CT-PT, MRI, etc.) on Homoeopathy, shall be correct and people of other system of medicine and even homoeopaths will believe and accept the results I got in cancer patients with Homoeopathy. Let me see. I hope homoeopathic community will find out the truth. These are my clinical experiences and examples by the latest, anew, unique Technology discovered by Dr. Hahnemann for the preparation of medicines and administration of medicines to patients, which are given in the 6th edition of ORGANON OF MEDICINE.
Science gives you definiteness and certainty. Homoeopathy is having definiteness and certainty (1, footnote 106 to Para 145). Its application may bring you failures if not properly applied and success if rightly applied. It is a joyful experience when it gives results if it is rightly applied. You will see that unreal thinking becomes real. There is blissful joy of realisation of God like. The joy of God realisation is boundless, unceasing so it is with rightly applied Homoeopathy.
There is no substitute for indicated or appropriately selected medicine(s), (1, Footnote 98 to Para. 119). There is or can be a substitute for potency-may be 3X, 6X,3,6,30,200,0/1,0/3,0/6,0/30, etc. When there is non-existent of anything in the World, it is impossible to go ahead. The 50 Millesimal potencies were not available at any Homoeopathic pharmacy in the world for experiment(s), why and what Hahnemann writes, written and wrote about it in the 6th edition of Organon (1842). To raise from zero 1 (0/1) to 30 (0/30) potencies of each medicine with 100 strokes or successions is/was a fantastic dream when you are in poverty of mind and money.
Struggle in life with a mission, to sacrifice many things in life and, to achieve a goal is a great asset we have in our healthy body, mind and Spirit. I took impetus and inspiration from Hahnemann’s suggestion which is given in Para, 264, 265, 270 of the Organon of Medicine to be sure of genuineness of potencies of medicine for better results and success in my homoeopathic practice. I am now self sufficient. I make my own 50 Millesimal potencies. I use all these meticulously prepared potencies of medicines myself which are prepared with my own hand and these are more than 400 (hundred) medicines. It was a struggle for nearly 68 years to achieve a goal to get success in practice with better results in Homoeopathy. The goal was germinated in 1948 when I was a student at C.H.M. College at Kolkatta.
The echo within the homoeopathic community was very weak during that time to accept the concept of the 6th edition of Organon. The problem was changes, revisions and modifications made by Hahnemann in the 6th edition e.g; the vital principle and dynamic concept, preparation of new ways of medicines, potentisation and administration of medicine to the patient(s). Nobody cared to prepare these potencies according to the directions given in 6th edition of Organon of Medicine for at first nearly 80 long years (1842 to 1921) and again for 27 years (1921 to 1948) totally 107 years. Why? Manufacturers of homoeopathic medicines all over the world never prepared their medicines according to directions as they never read the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine. Even teachers and professors in Homoeopathic medical colleges never properly read in between lines of Organon hence they never taught to students. All were giving attention to 5th edition of Organon and teaching to students the same things years after years and all pharmacies over the world were preparing medicines according to 5 th edition (2, Para. 267 to 273). For me the situation was confusing. What to do? Needs necessary research work? Hahnemann made a search and researched for nearly four or five years why aggravation take place in many of his patients (1, Para, 161, 162, footnote 155)? Question arises why Hahnemann had to change to a new way of preparing medicines or something else?
Homoeopathy is a science and an art of prescribing medicines based on the Law of Similars. It requires truthfulness, frankness, honesty, faithfulness and facts in reporting cured cases by it.
Dr. Hahnemann’s legacy is carried on since 1948 as it was hidden in the book and not known to the World. Homoeopaths were/are missing something for real cure (mild and gentle) from the 5 th edition of Organon of Medicine.
A long unfortunate story of the 6 th EDITION’S MANUSCRIPT OF ORGANON OF MEDICINE followed after the death of Dr. Hahnemann on 2nd July 1843. This manuscript was translated into English by Dr. William Boericke and was published in U.S.A. in 1921.
Dr. Hahnemann had revised many paragraphs and made many changes in the text, improved and renovated in the 6th edition of ORGANON OF MEDICINE. It is a progressive edition of Homoeopathy with NEW TECHNOLOGY of preparing medicines and administration of medicines to patients.
Nobody tried them for 107 years as nobody prepared these NEWLM POTENCIES of medicines. Dr. Hahnemann had prepared 73 medicines in LM POTENCIES and tried them on his patients with better results and found no aggravations of diseases in the patients (1, Para. 246 and its footnote) and published some cases.
I took up Dr. Hahnemann’s legacy since 1948 from the 6th Edition of ORGANON OF MEDICINE to prove to the World wherever Homoeopathy exists and spreading its wings about MIASMAS and their utility (1, Para. 40 and its footnote). Dr. Hahnemann wrote about MIASMS, “I shall perhaps have to take this treasure with me to the grave, 1823”, and for LM POTENCIES (1, Para. 270 and its footnote. Dr. Hahnemann left both of them for me to experiments and confirm their utility for homoeopathic students, teachers and practitioners. I have treated various types of diseases and patients amounting to more than 1,50,000 including 50,000 cases of various types of cancer with LM potencies and miasmatically. All cases are documented and preserved at our INSTITUTE OF HOMOEOPATHY in Vadodara and at Kottayam. We get now a days a rare virgin case(s). Almost all cases come with side effects of other system of Medicines,
I have confirmed the actions of LM potencies on patients without any aggravations and heredity (Genetic) tendency of MIASMAS in certain diseases in patients.
Why Drug Dynamization or potentisation (1, Para. 269)? “This discovery is invaluable to the healing science and art of Homoeopathy”. (Patel, Dr. R.P.). “Homoeopathic dynamizations are processes by which the medicinal properties, which are latent in natural substances while in their crude state, become aroused, and then become enabled to act in an almost spiritual manner on our life, e.g.; on our sensible and irritable fibre (Hahnemann)”. Hahnemann wrote in Para. 11 thus; “When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self-acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic* influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life; it is only the vital principle, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for, as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician, that is, by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known”. Let us dissect the Para. 11 and see the important words and sentences. (1) When a person falls ill, (2) it is only this spiritual, self acting (automatic) vital force, (3) everywhere present in his organism, (4) that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it (5) of a morbific agent inimical to life, (6) it is only the vital principle deranged to such an abnormal state, (7) that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, (8) and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease, (9) for, as a power invisible in itself, (10) and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, (11) its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and organism exposed, (12) to the senses of the observer and physician, (13) that is, by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known. Finally, he wrote in Para. 12, “It is the morbidly affected vital energy alone that produces diseases, “Hahnemann used, “spiritual vital force (autocracy) and “dynamis” in Para. 9. Again, he used, “vital force” and, (the vital principle) in Para. 10. In Para. 12, “vital energy” in Para, 29, “of our vital energy (of the principle of life)”. Is it anyway confusion? No. The vital principle of life which animates the material organism in health and in disease has vital force and vital force has vital energy alone that produces diseases (1, Para.12). Now question arises, what is Dynamic influence? He gives several examples of material, magnetic, spiritual and invisible energy how they influence our life, animal life and even vegetable plants on this planet, the earth; (refer the footnote to para. 11). This is/was the first time Hahnemann has explained about dynamic, in the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine. Hence, he said that ‘vital energy’ alone that produces diseases and for their cure it is a necessity to have Dynamization of medicines to have dynamic power or influence to cure disease when he, writes; “In a similar way, the effect of medicines upon living man is to be judged. Substances, which are used as medicines, are medicines only in so far as they possess each its own specific energy to alter the well-being of man through dynamic, conceptual influence, by means of the living sensory fibre, upon the conceptual, controlling principle of life. The medicinal property of those material substances which we call medicines proper, relates only to their energy to call out alterations in the well-being of animal life. Only upon this conceptual principle of life, depends on their medicinal health-altering, conceptual (dynamic) influence”. Further, he writes; “These medicines act upon our well-being wholly without communication of material parts of the medicinal substances, thus dynamically, as if through infection. Far more healing energy is expressed in a case in point by the smallest dose of the best dynamized medicines, in which there can be, according to calculation, only so little of material substance that its minuteness cannot be thought and conceived by the arithmetical mind, than by large doses of the same medicine in substance. That smallest dose can therefore contain almost entirely only the pure, freelydeveloped, conceptual medicinal energy, and bring about only dynamically such great effects as can never be reached by the crude medicinal substance itself taken in large doses”. Again he writes, “It is not in the corporeal atoms of these highly dynamized medicines, nor their physical or mathematical surfaces (with which the higher energies of the dynamized medicines are being interpreted but vainly as still sufficiently material) that the medicinal energy is found. More likely, there lies invisible in the moistened globule or its solutions, an unveiled,
moistened globule or in its solution, an unveiled, liberated, specific, medicinal force contained in the medicinal substance which acts dynamically by contact with the living animal fibre upon the whole organism (without communicating to it anything material however highly attenuated) and acts more strongly the more free and more immaterial the energy has become through the dynamization”. The Dynamization reveals a substance’s hidden medicinal power of every homoeopathic curative medicine. It is one of the most important discoveries made by Hahnemann after Homoeopathy. The actions of Dynamized medicines were/are proved in cancer cases and other cases by CT-PT, CT, MRI, Tumor Markers, USG and Laboratory reports of tissues and blood. This is/was evidence based reports of results of Dynamized medicines we have for Homoeopathy. Can anybody deny? Homoeopathy is the breakaway from instinctive and pre-experiment use to establishment of a scientific method based entirely on experimental knowledge. During his experiment when he used Mother tincture, he was giving drop doses (usually 10 drops in water and slowly reduced to 2 drops and later to 1 drop) when patient is/was better. He began diluting medicine/drugs and later shaking mixture (water and medicine/drug) and found better results of curing with patients. Then he started giving strong jerks to medicine mixture and found that medicine action is/was enhanced. Hahnemann called these strong jerks (2,2 jerks in Para. 270; and later 10 jerks in the footnote to Para. 280 on a leather bound book by hand) to the mixture of medicine, “SUCCUSSIONS”. Again, he found that the more succussions are given to the mixture, the more it (mixture) acquired the power of curing
the disease rapidly. Hence, he called this method of dilution of drug (mixture) and method ‘Potentisation’ or ‘Dynamization’. This method is/was used for liquid and dissolvable drugs or plants juices (2). The reason Hahnemann gave for this method for enhancement of medicinal power by succussion was “Just like striking of Flint on the stone produces energy in the form of spark of fire which is nothing but small particles of flint ignited,” in the same way when medicine strikes the dilutent during succussion develops a charge of medicinal energy having powerful curing properties. “In one of his writings where he discusses Potentisation or Dynamization, he emphasizes his claim to its discovery. For insoluble or solid substances trituration method was used. He always tried to standardize the article used in his experiments and developed ways and means to establish a demonstrable proof of his findings. This brought him to the idea of trituration and succussion which in turn led to the discovery of potentisation or dynamisation and to his change from the chemical concept to the dynamic (Para. 11, Footnote 7). Hahnemann used the 30th centesimal for many years but in his later years went up to 200 and 1M or so. At one time he thought that there must be an end somewhere, but nature knows no end in almost anything so why should she make an exception in Homoeopathy? Dr. Hahnemann spent his whole life on experimenting with different potencies to develop a system of administration of Homoeopathic remedies to cure his patients rapidly, gently and permanently (1, Para. 2). To an unhomoeopathic minded, it may look incredible, that by simple triturating or succussion the power of the drug increases. But doing is believing. By his discovery the following which was impossible were made possible for medicines and Medical system, (1) It makes all insoluble substances soluble (e.g.; like metals-Gold, Silver, Iron, Tin, etc.) (2) It makes the most virulent poisonous and toxic substances great medicines (e.g., Snake venoms,
Potassium cyanide, various germs, Bacteria’s, etc.). 3) It turns all inert and non-inert medicine substances into great and life saving medicines (e.g.
Sand, Charcoal, etc.). In one of his writings where he discusses Potentisation, he emphasizes his claim to its discovery. He writes, thus; “I was apparently the first who made this great, this extra-ordinary discovery, that the properties of crude medicinal substances gain, when they are fluid by repeated succussion with unmedicinal substances and when they are dry by frequent, continued trituration with unmedicinal powders, such an increase of medicinal power, that when these medicinal processes are carried very far, even substances in which for centuries no medicinal power has been observed in their crude state display under this manipulation a power of acting on the health of man that is quite astonishing.”
Further, he found out that even the insoluble substances like gold and other minerals become soluble after trituration. He took one grain of gold leaf and added to it 99 grains of sugar of milk and rubbed it vigorously in mortar with pestle till the powder became uniform. This powder was called first centesimal potency. Again he took one grain from the first centesimal potency and added 99 grains of sugar of milk and rubbed it vigorously till the powder became uniform. This was second centesimal potency of gold. In the same way third centesimal and the following number of potencies were prepared. During, these experiments he found that gold become soluble in water and alcohol after third centesimal potency. Thus he was able to prepare Homoeopathic remedies from all the substances which were insoluble in water or alcohol. Again, he found out that even non-medicinal substances like gold, egg shells, club moss (Lycopodium), Common salt etc. developed curative powers when dynamized or potentised. Hahnemann did the trick, clearly and precisely, with a few small bottles and a few ounces of alcohol and trituration of medicines with sugar of milk. So long as matter is divisible, the medicinal substance is always there, evenly distributed in smaller and smaller particles, through all the 100 drops of every bottle in which medicine is potentised. And so long as you get results such as a slight aggravation of the symptoms in a patient from a potentised remedy, you have evidence of the power of medicine. These remedies were proved by himself and his associates and were included in his Materia Medica. Thus he brought a new hope and interest to his disciples to prove all sorts of substances from mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms and even the disease products from the tissues and organs of human beings, known as Nosodes. The two poles of magnet, X-rays, Penicillin, Sulphonamide, Terramycin and other drugs used in allopathic treatment have been proved and included in our Materia Medica (for the side effects of allopathic drugs we have developed Tautopathic system or method by dynamization). We have now about two thousand and more remedies and can say that we know more about drugs than any other system of medicine. The whole and sole credit goes to Dr. Hahnemann. “Homoeopathic dynamizations are processes by which the medicinal properties, which are latent in natural substances while in their crude state, become aroused, and then become enabled to act in an almost spiritual manner on our life, i. e. on our sensible and irritable fibre. This development of the properties of crude natural substances (dynamization) takes place, in the case of dry substances by means of trituration in a mortar, but in the case of fluid substances, by means of shaking or succussion, which is also a trituration” (Dr. Hahnemann). “The changes which take place in the material substances, especially in medicinal ones, through long continued trituration with non-medicinal powder (sugar of milk) or when dissolved through continued shaking with a nonmedicinal fluid (as distilled water or alcohol), are so incredible, that they approach the miraculous, and it is a cause of joy that the discovery of these wonderful changes belongs to Homoeopathy.” “Not only, do these medicinal substances thereby develop their powers in a prodigious degree, but they also change their physio-chemical demeanor in such a way, that if no one before could ever perceive in their crude form any solubility in Alcohol or water, after this peculiar transmutation they become wholly soluble in water as well as in Alcohol- a discovery invaluable to the healing art” (3, Chronic Diseases by Dr. Hahnemann). Nobody is thinking of “ENERGY” developed in potency by way of “Friction” (Footnote to Para. 269 and 269) in a single bottle of Potentisation of medicine for each potency or serial Potentisation. Until 1836 or so (1, Footnote to Para. 246, when he writes, ‘the last four or five years) Hahnemann never thought that 1/100 ratio of medicine for Potentisation is the cause of “undersirable reaction” of Vital energy i.e. aggravation, sometimes furious, even dangerous, violence, (1, footnote 155); (1, Para. 246 and its footnote). He made a search and Research, Why aggravation takes place? He found that may be the ratio in preparing of medicines. Then he changed the ratio to 1/50,000 (1, Para. 270 and its footnote 156) to prepare medicines in this NEW SCALE. With this NEW SCALE of potencies of medicines he made experiments on patients and found that this ratio of medicine and Potentisation by giving 100 strokes instead of 10 for each potency up to 30 potencies of medicines do not produce “undesirable reaction” of Vital energy (1, Para. 246 and it’s footnote).
There is no instrument or device to measure specific “ENERGY’ developed in these potencies of each medicine at present in the World. How much “Energy” has/had developed in each potency of medicine we have no idea? If we know the energy level in potency of medicine and level of “Vital energy” of the Vital principle (1, Para. 29, 246) in diseased condition in a patient we can aptly apply the Law of Similar. It can be additional help in the selection of the medicine and confirmation. Let us wait a day or years that somebody may discover an instrument or device to measure “Energy” level in the potencies of each medicine and in diseased patient(s) (1, Para. 29). Hence Hahnemann has advised to start with “the use of the lowest degrees” (1, Footnote to Para. 246). Does it mean that the potency problem is “wholly solved” (1, Footnote to Para. 246)? Then the question arises, what is lowest degree(s) of potency? Let us take 0/1 (LM 1), the lowest potency according to the NEW SCALE of Potentisation or Dynamization. “Energy is a rather difficult thing to define. Indeed it is not a thing at all. It does not exist in tangible form as matter does. It occupies no space, has no weight and throws no shadow. In short it is not material, as all objects are. Instead it is concerned with action. It is involved in every motion in every event. In ordinary experience it does not exist in pure, detached form but it is always attached to or contained in some material object or particles. Energy in many forms occurs, besides visible motion” (6, Atom and You). Homoeopathic medicinal energy is stored ‘Energy’ somewhat like energy of electricity that is stored in a spring when it is tightly wounded by external force. So long as you get results such as a slight aggravation from a potentised remedy you have evidence of ‘Energy’. Homoeopathic science and art is not based on authority but on evidence that convinces all reasonable and competent observers and leads them to agree. Homoeopathic medicine contains an enormous amount of ‘Energy’in a very small ‘package’ (pill or drop) and releases that ‘energy’at tremendous speed when it comes in contact with living organism. Severest pains are immediately relieved if the right selection of medicine is ency’. Even the deadliest diseases are tamed with rightly selected medicines and potencies, though we mortals cannot see anything in Homoeopathic drugs with latest scientific instruments.
Homoeopathy defeats the modern sciences in the development of power. Time will prove the fact. Hahnemann’s unheard directions would have meant a significant change to practice with a completely new set of remedies / medicines in absolutely new and different potencies. Finally even homoeopaths will question the authenticity of Hahnemann’s sixth edition of Organon of Medicine. Many Homoeopaths had/have doubts even today. Even my first introduction and induction in 50 Millesimal and giving proof of its action in O.P.D and I.P.D in Medical College hospital. My attention was drowned in 1960 for the treatment of cancer when I had cancer myself to treat with 50 Millesimal. Since then with my success of treatment I started to treat other patients with 50 Millesimal potencies. I have treated more than 50,000 cases of different types, and in various stages of cancers. Wish you the best opportunity to use 50 Millesimal potencies when aggravation(s) or failure(s) takes place with centesimal potencies in your cases.
Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel. References: 1. Organon of Medicine, 6th. Edition by Dr. William Boericke, B&T, 1921. 2. Organon of Medicine, 5th. Edition by Dr. Dudgeon, R.E. 3. The Chronic Diseases, by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. 4. Repertory of Chronic Miasms, by Dr. Patel, R.P. 5. The 50 Millesimal-Cancer Cases, by Dr. R.P.Patel Institute of Homoeopathy. 6. Atom and You, by General Wendt.

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