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Report On The Kent Memorial Lectures 2018

The 26th Kent Memorial Lectures, the Annual 2-Day Event of the South Delhi Homoeopathic Association was organized on 15th & 16th September, 2018, at their usual, but now renovated with the state of art facilities, and increased seating capacity, the PHD House, New Delhi. The Theme chosen this year was unique, “DR. HAMER’S METHOD, A NEW PARADIGM IN HEALTH CARE APPLICABLE IN ALL STREAMS OF MEDICINE”.
The inaugural session had Dr. R. K. Manchanda, Director General Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, as the Chief Guest, Dr. Kanwal S. Sethi, Deputy Advisor (Homoeopathy), Govt of India, Ministry of AYUSH, as the Guest of Honour, apart from the other dignitaries, Shri Pradeep Multani, Chairman AYUSH Committee, and Shri Vivek Seigell, Director PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dr. J. D. Daryani, Dr. Tanvir Hussain, Dr. Bipin Jethani and host of other prominent personalities. Dr. Manchanda complimented the Association for choosing a special theme this year, and also gave an update of the work done by the CCRH, and Shri Pradeep Multani said that nearly 90% of the diseased conditions can be handled better by the AYUSH System, wherein Homoeopathy plays a good part. Shri Vivek Seigell emphasized the role of the PHD Chamber in promoting homoeopathy amongst the masses, and also playing a coordinated role with the Government in framing the long-term policies for the benefit of the system.
As a unique experiment this year, the KML had only one speaker this year. The person is Dr. C. J. Varghese, from Kerala, a former member of the Central Council of Homoeopathy, and a disciple of German New Medicine, founded by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, of Germany (the word GNM was coined by Dr. Hamer himself), who has been a direct student of Caroline Markolin, who is carrying on the legacy of Dr Hamer.
Introducing German New Medicine, Dr. Varghese mentioned that though Dr Hamer had never studied Homoeopathy, his discoveries are strikingly similar to those of Dr. Hahnemann. Further, there are many similarities as both had to face the torture from the authorities dominated by the Conventional Medicine. Both had to live the later years of their life in Exile, and that Dr. Hamer coincidently breathed his last on 2nd July, 2017, (2nd July, 1843 was the date when Hahnemann left all of us). Giving a background of German New Medicine, Dr. Varghese told that more than twenty years ago, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor with his own practice in Rome, Italy, received a call in the middle of the night. His 17-year old son had been shot while on holiday in the Mediterranean. Three months later, Dirk died and shortly after, Dr. Hamer, who had been healthy all his life, but who was utterly devastated by this catastrophe, found he had testicular cancer. Rather suspicious about this coincidence, he set about doing research on the personal histories of cancer patients to see whether they had suffered some shock, distress or trauma before their illness.
In time, after extensive research of thousands of patients, Dr. Hamer was finally able to conclude that disease is only brought about by a shock for which we are totally unprepared. This part of the line is an important point. If we can in any way be prepared for the shocking event, we will not become ill. In fact, Dr. Hamer does not like to say ‘cancer’. Rather, it is a special biological response to an unusual situation, and when the ‘shock’ situation is resolved, the body sets about returning to normality.
Dr. Hamer’s research revealed specific conflicts (PSYCHE) gave rise to the specific organ pathology (ORGAN INVOLVEMENT), and pursuing this hypothesis he analysed patients’ brain scans and compared them with their medical records. He found that a conflict shock, which he termed as DHS (DIRK HAMER SYNDROME), named after his son Dirk, occurs not only in the Psyche, but impacts simultaneously the area of brain that corelated biologically to the particular conflict. Dr. Hamer further discovered that every disease – not only Cancer! Is controlled from its own specific area in the brain, and linked to a very particular, identifiable, “conflict shock”. The moment the brain cells register the DHS, the information is immediately transmitted to the corresponding organ (as understood by knowledge of embryology), and at this instant, a SBS (Significant Biological Special) programme is activated to assist the organism, both on psychological and physical level, during that crisis.
Dr. Hamer’s research work led to the conclusion that ‘Disease’, in a natural-science-nosological sense, is a teleologically comprehensible, meaningful biological occurrence, ‘a special programme’ of Nature. The five Biological Laws explained by Dr. Hamer, are: –

  1. Every Cancer, or Cancer like disease, originates with a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS), which is a very difficult, highly acute, dramatic and highly isolating shock, experienced in simultaneous three levels, namely the Psyche, Brain, and the Organ.
  2. Every disease is a two-phased occurrence, as long as there is a resolution of the conflict.
  3. The Ontogenetic system of tumours, and cancer-equivalent diseases includes the following criteria: –
  4. Conflicts related at the embryonic-layer level also have embryonic-layer related cerebral relays in cases of conflict, so-called Hamerschenherd (HH) embryonic-layer organs, which are affected and have embryonic-related histological formations.
  5. Old-brain directed conflicts (brain-stem directed endoderm and cerebellar directed mesoderm) show cell multiplication in the conflict active phase
  6. Each so-called illness, in reference to the CA-phase and the PCL phase, is a meaningful biological occurrence to be understood through embryology and behavioural research. This means that the illness is presenting us with the challenge of solving an unusual and unforeseen biological problem.
  7. There is a correspondence between embryonic-layer related organ groups – without exception in the PCL phase – and embryonically related groups of microbes. The microbes are not the harbingers of the symptoms, but the optimizers of the healing

5.. Disease, as it has been defined until now, no longer exists. Our ignorance prevented us from recognizing that all so-called diseases have a special biological meaning.
Certain cases were also presented treated according to Dr. Hamer’s approach, and wherein it was found that there was a better success rate in treating the cases when applied through the German New Medicine,
The correlation of GNM and Homoeopathy was also discussed in reference to Footnote to $ 17 of the Sixth Edition of Organon, as also to the Chronic Diseases, their Peculiar Nature and their Homoeopathic Cure.
During the discussions, the reference also came about the work done by Dr. Manu Kothari, and Dr. Lopa Mehta, who had done extensive research on the Development of Cancer, and that their work of more than 1100 pages, around late 1970s was not only banned in Tata Memorial Hospital, but the published material from the Market got wiped off, as also the manuscript was also seized by the vested interests.
In general, it was revealed that the 2 Day event gave an orientation to the concepts given by Dr. Hamer, and its applicability by the medical science, especially Homoeopaths who can understand this approach better, as the system gave scientific validity to the Homoeopathic Principles laid down by Hahnemann. It was also made clear that with approach of Dr. Hamer, one can understand the practical application of Hering’s Directions of Cure, through the knowledge of embryology, in a more scientific manner.
The Scientific sessions were chaired by Dr. J. D. Daryani, Dr. Bipin Jethani, Dr. Tanvir Hussain, & Dr. S. M. Singh. Dr. Daryani appreciated the subject, as it gave a better understanding of the sick individual. Dr. Bipin Jethani who is actually following this method in his practice mentioned that he is still trying to understand Biological Principle No. 4, and would be able to make any comment after more experience. Dr. Tanvir Hussain already practicing this method also confirmed improvement in better understanding of the sick individuals, as also better success rate. Dr. S. M. Singh exhorted Dr. Varghese to organize short term curriculum and workshops, of few weeks to train homoeopaths and give them practical training.
Dr. Varghese urged that the time has come when the regulatory bodies like CCH, CCRH, to assert the teachings according to Hahnemann, as in practicality, our curriculums are heavily based on the teachings as laid down in the conventional medicine, and we are not able to understand the sick individual according to our fundamentals.
The take home message was that while treating an individual, we should not have any fear because of different terminologies given to the diseased conditions every now and then, the medication has to be minimum, and the counselling plays an important role to provided benefit to the sick. We have to stick to the teachings as laid down in the Organon and treat the patient as guided. It is important to have a better understanding of the disease/improvement progress with the help of Embryology, and its application as guided by Hering.
The Association expressed its gratitude to all the supporters, notably Reckweg, Adven, DFE Pharma, Willmar Schwabe, & Bakson, and advertisers in the Souvenir, led by Hapco, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and above all the participants, without whom it is not possible to impart the regular academic exchange of information available from time to time.

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