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Advise to patients and doctors by Prof. George Vithoulkas:

“When your inner state changes after the correct remedy, the whole world changes within you. You may wake up in the same room, with the same scenery outside your window … but now everything around you seems to make sense, everything is bright and everything brings joy. It is important that these positive changes that took place within you after the correct remedy will be maintained. And you need to support this healthy inner state in the future … this is a crucial inner work you must do.
It is important in this development to not ignore the voice of your conscience. If you do not pay attention to your conscience, eventually your miserable sick condition will return despite the fact that the correct remedy had brought you initially in to a ‘ healthy’ state. Simply put: ‘goodness’ promotes life – evil promotes death. Nurturing love brings creativity -nurturing hate brings destruction. These are basic laws of Nature.
So if you want to become good healers, watch yourself, particularly how you behave with other people and especially with your patients. If you are on the right path, gradually, conscience will become more and more sensitive, and then you will ‘feel’ for other people – and you will develop as a spiritual being. Treating with classical homeopathy will bestow you with a lot of experience, but the purer your mind will remain, the easier will be for you to find the correct remedy”. 

Professor George Vithoulkas. Russian Postgraduate Course, 12/09/2018

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