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Health Minister calls for taking homeopathy to a new level in Bangladesh

He spoke at their annual congress in Cox’s Bazar on Thursday and said many people, mostly in rural areas, still depend on homoeopathy for prevention and cure of diseases.
“It’s an old form of treatment method. They get it easy. It’s cheap,” he said, “but you have to earn people’s trust.”
He said some homoeopathy practitioners make the false claim that they can treat all diseases.
“Is this possible,” he asked the homoeopathy doctors at the Congress. “Drive those away from your profession who make such false claims, who cheat people.”
“Many who have nothing to do become homoeopathy doctors. But you have to have education, you have to have degrees. Not anyone can practice homeopathy,” Nasim said.
He highlighted the measures the current government has taken to improve conditions of the doctors and said they will fulfill all other demands of homeopathy doctors if voted to power again.
Bangladesh has 51 colleges for homeopathy education – four-year diploma with six months’ internship and five-year degree programme with one-year internship.
The current government has appointed over 100 homeopathy doctors to as many government hospitals.
The government has also signed MoU with India for education, training and research on homeopathy.
Dr Dilip Kumar Roy, Chairman of Bangladesh Homeopathy Board, acknowledged the role of the current government in the development of homeopathy profession and asked all of their doctors to vote Awami League to power in the next elections.
Over 1,500 homeopathy doctors from across Bangladesh joined the annual meeting.

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