Fracture treatment with the aid of the homeopathic remedy symphytum officinale. A report of four cases



We present four cases of patients with bone fractures, which were treated with the aid of the Homeopathic Remedy Symphytum officinale. The Remedy was given to the patients after the proper alignment of the bone fragments was secured. Although in the first case the fracture was severely comminuted, and in the third and fourth, the patient’s compliance to the immobilization was very poor, the result of the treatment was excellent, both clinical and radiological.


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About Author

Prof. George Vithoulkas is a Greek teacher and practitioner of homeopathy. He studied homeopathy in South Africa and received a diploma in homeopathy from the Indian Institute of Homeopathy in 1966. Upon receiving his diploma, he returned to Greece where he practiced and began teaching classical homeopathy to a small group of medical doctors.

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