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Homeopathy Doctors in Bengaluru Switch to Safer Medicine Practices News by Smita Balram

BENGALURU: The homoeopathy market in the IT city is undergoing an ethical overhaul. Homoeopathy doctors are moving away from loose indigenous globules to safer dispensing practices to alter the way patients perceive the traditional medicinal practice.
For the first time, doctors are prescribing homoeopathy medicines packaged in unique sealed tubes that come with standardizing elements like ingredient labelling, indications, batch number, expiry dates and MRP.
Dr Muddassir Mulla, homoeopathic physician at Advance Classical Homeo Clinic said, “The new labelling standards will increase a patients’ trust in homoeopathy as they will be aware of the ingredients, manufacturing and expiry date of the drugs.”
These new globules, apparently, ensure equal and uniform distribution of medicine and have no alcohol on their surface, thus making them safe for children. The tubes are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic that does not react with the medicine.
In compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), manufacturers are also clarifying the grade of raw materials used, thereby improving the quality standard of homoeopathic medicines.
Dr Uma Kishore, senior consultant at Uma Homeo Clinic, said, “The new vials are cost-effective and ensure accurate dosage as only a single globule is dispensed at one time. In the past, many vials of a single preparation were required to treat an illness as the medicine would evaporate or get contaminated by air, thus diluting its effect.”
Additionally, doctors have stopped selling branded medicines at their clinics. Non-qualified personnel too are being dissuaded from dispensing these medicines.
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