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Hair Problem Answered with Homoeopathy

Author: Dr Shivakumar. K
ISBN: 978-81-319-3789-1
Publisher: B Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Book Reviewed by Dr Isha Gupta
Hair is inextricably linked with an individual’s sense of self-worth, personal style and self-confidence. Hair related disorders are on a rise in the current era. If this condition is overlooked by a physician, then the patient presenting with hair disorders may feel under treated and under appreciated.

Fast Facts

Hair problems answered with Homoeopathy is a practical resource book that will help the homoeopathic professionals diagnose a wide range of hair and scalp disorders (including different types of hair loss), as it includes details on the important investigations and observations.
It also provides appropriate general and homoeopathic treatment options. Various topics such as Alopecia areata, Dandruff, Premature greying, etc. have been explained extensively in the book making it a sensitive yet straightforward guide to the diagnosis and homoeopathic treatment of these poorly understood diseases.
Di Shivakumar.
The topics covered in the book have been explained in detail and referenced at all points.

Highlights include

A well-illustrated overview of hair biology and the normal hair cycle – A clear guide to history taking, observational examination and investigation – Several illustrations and photographs to aid clinical diagnosis – A concise explanation of the role of androgens and genetics in male and female pattern hair loss – Practical steps for the assessment of diffuse hair loss – A classification of alopecias, with treatment options – Scalp disorders presented by symptoms such as scaly, itchy or painful – A concise repertory on Hair related complaints – A miasmatic approach towards various disorders – Cured clinical cases have also been included. Some explanation regarding the remedies given under various conditions would have been an added advantage, though it has been compensated by the repertory section. This book is an excellent resource to students, practitioners, and those suffering from these diseases. Thus, going for this book will be a smart choice.

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