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Kerala: K K Shailaja tries to Broker peace in Homoeo Row

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  Health Minister K K Shailaja has waded into the row between the Indian Medical Association (IMA) state unit and  Kerala Government Homoeo Medical Officers’ Association (KGHMOA) urging restraint from the warring sides after the issue threatened to get out of the hand. Flaying the IMA’s campaign against homoeopathy, she said disregarding other systems of medicine is condemnable. The government’s policy is to promote Ayurveda, homoeopathy and other systems on an equal footing, she said.
“The IMA’s letter to the Prime Minister  calling for policy decisions and restrictions on homoeopathy is unjustifiable. Each system of medicine has own merits and the government’s policy is to utilise such merits for the betterment of public health,” she said. Terming homoeopathy and Ayurveda approved streams of medicine, she said the campaign promoting doxycycline tablets as a preventive medicine against leptospirosis was launched  after consultations with both Ayurveda and homoeopathy doctors.
“The uncompromising stance adopted by the government is against those who mislead the public on vaccination drive and preventive programmes and not against ayurveda or homoeopathy. The IMA must reconsider its opinion against other streams of medicine,” said Shailaja.
Meanwhile, Rejith Anand, member, Central Council of Indian Medicine under the AYUSH  Ministry claimed the IMA’s stance against other streams of medicine is borne out of its “business propaganda”.“Each system has own merits and demerits. Let the people make the choice. But creating a panic situation by propagating false information and persuading them to opt for allopathy is unjustifiable. On what basis is the IMA claiming homoeopathy is ineffective?” said Rejith.
KGHMOA general secretary J Boban said the IMA may have started feeling the heat on account of  homoeopathy’s growing acceptability among the public. According to him, the IMA is waging a war on preventive medicine approved by the Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell- Homoeopathy. It was the other day  the IMA shot off a letter to the PM claiming homoeopaths have been creating confusion by spreading false information about doxycycline. Ironically, the IMA which disregards homoeopathy, had mentioned in its letter they accepted the “merits of Ayurveda in providing treatment and ensuring well-being”.

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