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Safer practice to popularise Homeopathy

Homoeopathy doctors and practitioners have begun implementing safer homeopathic dispensing practices in an effort to standardise and popularise the traditional form of medicine.
The new practices have been adopted following the reports of loose medicines sold in the market being laced with allopathic medicines and even steroids, sometimes in high dosages.
For the first time, doctors have started prescribing pre-medicated homeopathic medicines to patients that offer more quality, safety and hygiene than conventional drugs.
These pre-medicated medicines or Boiron Tubes as they are called, are high-quality medicines packaged in a unique sealed tube and are considered gold standard in homeopathy.
The tubes have ingredient labelling, indications, batch number, intelligent design, expiry dates and MRP listed on them giving patients more choice and convenience.
“Smart packaging and presentation are making homeopathy popular with patients,” Dr Sudhanshu Sharma, senior consultant, Nidan Homeo Clinic said. “Labelling of homeopathic drugs has dispelled the misconception about them being simply placebos. The new drugs are fast acting and offer quick and effective results,” he added.
Additionally, doctors have stopped selling branded medicines in their clinics. Non-qualified personnel is being dissuaded from dispensing these medicines. Some doctors are now giving preference to dispensing packaged globules over indigenous preparations.
The translucent globules are beginning to replace traditional solid chalky globules which have a superficial coating of medicines sprayed over them.
These new globules ensure equal distribution of medicine uniformly, do not stick to each other, nor do they dissolve in excess of liquid medicine and have no alcohol on their surface.
“New packaging technology and modern dispensing practices have prompted several positive changes in the way patients receive homeopathic medicines,” Dr Praveen Khandelwal, consultant, Sanjeevani Homeopathic Hospital said.

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