Abstract: Homeopathy is a great way to fight eye infections in monsoon. The weak immune system is repaired and strengthened by homeopathy. Homeopathy uses natural elements from plants, animals, minerals to cure infections of the eye thus providing us an opportunity to enjoy the monsoon season carefree.

Introduction: Monsoon comes along with a great change not only in the weather but also in our lives. It actually arrives when there is a shift in the prevailing wind direction. This shift brings a very different kind of weather. When this environmental shift is taking place, our body also starts moulding internally so as to adapt the changes according to the environment. During this weak time our body gets exposed to the infections. Mostly, people who have a weak immune system often get affected and infections conquer them with ease. Homeopathy not only fights with the infection but most importantly prepares our immune system to fight back. It strengthens the immunity in such a way that the tendency of getting affected by an infection also minimises.
A lot of infections are given birth in monsoons including viral infections, bacterial infections, waterborne diseases and vector-borne diseases, etc. And eyes are the most frequently affected organs during this time. Eyes are the entrance to one’s spirit! Eyes replicate mind, eyes replicate awareness, and eyes replicate HEALTH! The common eye problems are eye styes, conjunctivitis, dry eye, lumps or swelling on the eyelids, corneal ulcer, etc. To prevent these disturbances, Homeopathy uses natural elements from plants, minerals or animals in a highly diluted form.
During this season, one should be extra caring for their eyes. Not even small signs or symptoms should be ignored. There are some common symptoms which may act as an alarm. Such symptoms are as follows:

  • Unbearable itching
  • Eye-strain headaches
  • Tiredness in eyes with headache
  • Pressing pains in eyes
  • Swollen eye
  • Sclera turns red
  • Foreign body sensation in the eyes
  • Irritation in the eyes.

Conjunctivitis is one of the most widespread eye infection during these wet months, which usually increases to 35-40 per cent during the monsoon and more amongst the children. Dirt, grains, medicines or cosmetics too can cause red and itchy eyes and can trigger an allergy.
There are some of the precautions one can take in this Monsoon:

  • Most of the safety measures are based on hygiene.
  • Don’t touch your eyes with dirty hands.
  • Keep all towels, pillows and linen clean.
  • Avoid eye makeup and stop sharing cosmetic brushes when you suspect any eye discomfort.
  • Avoid swimming in these times.
  • Avoid contact to dust pollution, chemicals, fumes.
  • Avoid crowded places during epidemics.
  • And always clean your hands before and after touching your eyes so that you won’t get in touch with infections and allergies.

Remember whenever you feel like enjoying in the rain, keep in mind these tips. This will make your monsoon more rejoicing and happening. Also, there are many homeopathic medicines which are best for the treatment of eyes without disturbing your overall health unlike antibiotics. So, hold the hand of homeopathy for your better eye health.
Let this monsoon be your best cherished season of the year. Go for extra caring medicine like homoeopathy to pamper you this monsoon with all the joy and fun of rains and pakoras.
Conclusion: Homeopathy can be an effective source to fight the infections of the eye caused due to various sources in monsoon. The homeopathic treatment is best for complete healing. The symptoms should not be ignored and timely action should be taken to heal the person. This way monsoon can be enjoyed with homeopathy.

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