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Release the First Report campaign against NHMRC

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia in its study, presented a report in 2015 that declared homeopathy as an ineffective method for treating any kind of illness. However, it was found through the Freedom of Information (FOI) requests that the NHMRC did the homeopathy review twice, producing two reports, one in July 2012 and the one released to the public in March 2015.
The Freedom of Information (FOI) requests revealed that Professor Fred Mendelsohn, member of NHMRC’s expert committee overseeing the review process confirmed the missing report to be high quality saying, “I am impressed by the rigor, thoroughness and systematic approach given to this evaluation [….] Overall, a lot of excellent work has gone into this review and the results are presented in a systematic, unbiased and convincing manner.”
The NHMRC invented a completely new way of analyzing the evidences which were never used before by any research team in the world. It decided to include at least 150 participants for the trails to appear reliable, unlike conducting routine studies with less than 150 participants. These unscientific methods meant the results of 171 trails were unreliable, leaving only 5 trails to be reliable. The 5 trails were assessed and found negative thus concluding that NHMRC had no ‘reliable’ evidence.
Today homeopathy is gaining popularity worldwide and the public needs to know what evidence exists for this treatment so that they can make choices about their healthcare.
A campaign ‘Release the First Report’ is built on its sister campaign, ‘Your Health Your Choice’ launched last summer which achieved huge success, generating over 87,000 signatures in Australia.The people can join the campaign by signing up at or can connect with the campaign on facebook, twitter, instagram.
To learn more about the blunders in NHMRC’s Report on Homeopathy, check out the analysis carried out by the Homeopathy Research Institute available at


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