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Geno Homeopathy launched in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: A gene targeted Homeopathy Therapy was launched at Dr Batra’s Multi Speciality Homeopathic clinic on July, 19.
CEO Sandeep Saxena of Dr Batra’s said that Geno Therapy is a new age customised, scientific, precise designed for individuals for the first time. It is genetically personalised homeopathic care that involves designing a treatment based on individual genome sequencing. It combines personality and genetics for scientific and targeted treatment. It is a personalized treatment, as no two people on this planet have the same genes.
This therapy is already available in many of the 225 clinics of Dr Batra across the globe namely, UK, UAE, Bangladesh etc. It is useful in providing quick and adequate treatment to the patients and delay the onset of complications.
Mr Saxena informed that the geno tests in homeopathy are designed by Dr Batra’s team of medical experts along with the specialists I genomics and field of medicine. He said various health problems like Allergies, Child Health, Hair loss, Preventive Health, Skin Disorders, Stress, Weight Management, Women’s Health and Sexual Health can be cured.
Sample genetic test for the patients is available at all Dr Batra’s Multi-Specialty Homeopathy Clinics Pan India, which is painless and cost-effective.
Geno Homeopathy test will help to assess the hidden risk of a medical problem even before its symptoms appear or the blood tests reveal an underlying illness, prevent and treat lifestyle diseases, said Mr Saxena.
The CEO also said, Dr Batra’s Multi-Specialty Homeopathy Clinics will also create a bank of patients’ genomic data called Geno Homeopathy Bank. The genomic data will be used to predict which treatment option is likely to be most effective for patients or how they are likely to respond to any treatment in the future.

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