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Boiron Launches Pre-medicated Homeopathic Medicines in India

New Delhi, June 29 (UNI) Boiron India, subsidiary of Boiron France, has launched pre-medicated standardised homeopathic medicines for the first time in the country.
Available globally, the pre-medicated globules in innovative packaging provides superior quality, convenience and experience compared to traditional homeopathy products.
The globules are manufactured in-house with a two-week long process and a proprietary technology to ensure uniform size, layered formation and optimal porosity for retention of the dilution.
A proprietary triple medication system ensures uniform absorption of dilution to the core of globules, according to a statement by Boiron.
This innovative global product called ‘Boiron Tubes’ provides homeopathic remedies in an innovative delivery system. Boiron Tubes provide patients with ease-of-use and guaranteed delivery of the right dose.
According to Prashant Surana, MD, Boiron India, “We are introducing medicated globules in the form of multidose tubes and single dosages which are made in France and offer the highest level of standardisation and convenience to the patients. Indian patients and practitioners will tend to benefit from such high-quality offerings that includes evidence-based products with reproducible results. The same product is available in US and Europe at much higher price.”
Boiron’s R&D effort is focused on developing effective & standardised products by conducting clinical trials.
Boiron, headquartered in France is the worldwide leader in the field of homeopathy, with presence in more than 50 countries.

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