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Dr Batra's Introduces Gene-targeted Homeopathic Therapy

In a major breakthough in Homeopathy treatment, Dr Batra’s, a multi speciality homeopathy chain clinics in the country and also in abroad, has introduced Gene targeted homeopathic therapy, a revolutionary, first time in the country that will discover the risk in individuals through saliva sample, said Mr Sandeep Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Batra’s Health Care Group here on Saturday.
Addressing a press conference, Mr Sandeep said, “We have tie up with an international company located at Gurgaon for testing the saliva collected from individual as part of Geno Homeopathy therapy and it is genetically personalised homeopathic care that involves designing a treatment based on individual genome sequencing.”He said that 99.9 per cent of DNA in all humans is same but 0.1 per cent is what varies according to generations and this is called SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). The SNP gene regulated body functions like insulin, Vitamin and Metabolism, Sandeep explained. “Geno Homeopathy tests are designed by Dr Batra’s Team of medical experts in conjuction with specialists in genomics and specialist consultants in the field of medicine. The tests are designed on the basis disorders of Allergy, hair loss, preventive health, sexual health, stress management, child health, skin disorders, preventive health, women health and weight management,” he said.
“Patinets can therefore target a whole gamut of ailments with this simple, genetic test that is painless can cost-effective and it is available at all 225 Dr Batra’s clinics including 10 in abroad,” he added.
Source; https://news.webindia123.com/news/articles/India/20180609/3363287.html

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