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Paper on MIT Selected to International Conference on Molecular Imprinting, Israel: June 24-28, 2018

K C Chandran

A paper on Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT), a novel drug designing technique developed by K. C. Chandran, Kerala, India, is selected to be presented in the 10th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting, MIP 2018 at Israel.



Molecular imprinting

MIT was an improved drug designing technique inspired by the methodologies of Homeopathy. It is supposed to be a modern adaptation of Homeopathic Drug manufacturing processes, POTENTISATION, whereby Imprints of crude drug molecules in Water-Ethyl Alcohol Supra-molecular matrix is used as medicines to cure various diseases.


This indeed is an advanced branch of Modern Molecular medicine.
As per the reports, its capability in treating various Lifestyle conditions, Cancers, Hormonal and Autoimmune diseases are very promising. Drug trials are yet to begin based on this new discovery.


K. C. Chandran is engaged in the research of developing Molecularly Imprinted Drugs using the said technique for the last twenty plus years. He is also the Chairman and Research Director at International Center for Learning and Research in Molecular Imprinted Drugs (ICLRMID), Amaravati, Maharashtra, India.


About The Conference: MIP-2018


Molecular Imprinting, Conference


Molecular imprinting is a generic approach for the synthesis of polymeric matrices having selectivity towards the imprinted species. This methodology has been widely applied in sensing and separation of organic molecules.
Recently it has been extended to larger entities such as biomolecules, whole cells, and nanomaterials.


The 10th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting, to be held in Jerusalem, Israel, on June 24-28, 2018, is a continuation of the series of molecular imprinting conferences, the first being held (2000) in Cardiff, UK; The last one took place in Lund, Sweden (2016).


The MIP conference is the major international platform for presenting, discussing and developing new studies and discoveries in this continually developing research area.


MIP 2018 conference will focus on the wide spectrum of MIP activities including design and synthesis of MIPs, applications in various fields such as sensing, separation and health, bio- and nano-MIPs and more.


molecular imprinting


The Society for Molecular Imprinting is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in, and advancement of, the science and technology of molecular imprinting.


Membership of the Society is obtained through registration on this website. The Society charges no membership fees to join and does not have any intention to do so in the foreseeable future. The Society aims to support its members through encouraging communication, collaboration and the exchange of concepts and ideas about Molecular Imprinting. The Society is a truly international organization; its members come from all corners of the globe including the Society Board, who are a group of distinguished
scientists from Europe, Asia, and America.


For those new to the field, Molecular Imprinting describes a group of technologies that can be used to create specific binding sites (Molecular Imprints) in materials (typically polymers) by preparation in the presence of a molecular template by a self-assembly process. The materials prepared in this manner can be likened to antibodies in terms of their affinity and selectivity of binding, hence the frequently used term ‘plastic antibodies’.
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