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‘Instead Of Quantity, We Should Focus On Quality,’ Says Dr. Farokh

Instead of quantity, we should focus on quality,” said internationally acclaimed Homeopathy doctor Dr Farokh J Master from India.
Dr Farokh J Master was addressing the closure of a two-day International Seminar on ‘Homeopathy Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)’ held at Government Homeopathy College, Bhopal. While addressing the seminar, Dr Farokh J Master stressed on the importance of establishing standard colleges of homeopathy.
He said, “It is really important to have good colleges of homeopathy. We should rather emphasis on having quality homeopathy facilities than having ‘n’n number of homeopathy colleges.” He further said, “With establishing standard colleges, we will have good homeopathy doctors.”
Dr Farokh further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has establish different department for AYUSH, but good quality colleges and better education are must required, especially when patients are trusting homeopathy treatment. While addressing the young homeopathy doctors, Master said, “It is really important to give time to your patient and understand their problems. With this you will be able to treat the patient properly.”
It is to be noted that Dr Farokh is a known name among homeopathy doctors. He has written more than 50 books on homeopathy treatment and has also conducted seminars in international colleges as well.
In the next session, Dr Umesh Dayanand from Malaysia talked about Sickle Cell Anemia. He presented examples of SCD and said that in many cases it has been declared that bone marrow transplant is the only treatment for SCD. But, with homeopathy medicines, patients have been treated, he added.
Dr Mukund Suvadiya from Surat said, “While treating a patient of SCD it is not only important for a doctor to treat the disease, but also to understand the mental condition of his patient.” He said that a person who stays happy will quickly get treated and be healthy.
Principal Secretary of Tribal Department Deepali Rastogi asked the doctors to give quality time to their patients. As many as 400 participants attended the international seminar. Principal of Government Homeopathy College Dr SK Mishra, Director LBS Homeopathy College Dr Mahendra Shrivastava and others were present.
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