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An ode to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann: Recognizing the Attributes of an Evolutionary Genius.


For Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the journey called life had only one purpose, Homoeopathy. He lived, breathed and dreamt that idea throughout his life. Every micro or macroscopic part of his existence lived to fulfill this idea. In the following article, I have ascertained a few Qualitative Aspects of our Master as an ode to the legendary healers of all time.
Introduction: Always do right, this will gratify some of the people, and astonish the rest these lines of Mark Twain are perfect exemplification for the gestalt Dr. Hahnemann’s life. As we take a closer look on the life journey of Dr. CFS Hahnemann, Father of Homoeopathy, it could be deduced that Master’s life was an inspiring chapter in the History of Medicine who shaped the course of Medicine post 18th century and whose teachings shall be eternal like humanity.
Seeds of Wisdom from Dr. Hahnemann’s Lifetime: From his juvenile state Hahnemann demonstrated extraordinary determination and commitment towards gaining education. His aptitude for learning was never an ending journey, he always believed that anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty and anyone who keeps learning stays young, for him the greatest thing in life was to keep your mind young. Dr Hahnemann as a child developed the attitude of a rational reason gifted logical thinker from the teachings of his father “prove all things holdfast what is good”. These pearls of wisdom were engraved on the soul of young Hahnemann which he never forgot in his life. It was the miseries of his childhood that framed his character and spirit as a firm rock of Gibraltar which withstood all the tests of time. Dr Hahnemann endured numerous challenges which were placed in his path, refuting them all he completed his graduation in 1779. Later in the year 1783, his stay at Dresden witnessed a transformation of Physician to a Chemist. His chemical work i.e. writings on poisoning on Arsenic are still considered as the best writings in toxicology till date. Dr Hahnemann devoted his time to chemistry and literature and in 1789 published his treatise on syphilis.  The year 1790 was a year of spiritual awakening for Dr Hahnemann. His Cullen’s Materia Medica translation awakened the latent intellectual part of his psyche; this episode was analogous to Newton’s apple phenomena or Galileo swinging lamp. Through his sound sense of inductive logic Similia principle was perceived and the seed of dynamic therapeutism, Homoeopathy was conceived.
But his journey after this inception of thought was not an easy victory towards success. Post 1790 Dr Hahnemann was troubled with oppressive clog of poverty. His diligence must have been extra ordinary as the necessity to provide bread and butter to his family did not hinder his eagle flight into unexplored regions of his new unfolded discovery of Homoeopathy. In one of the darkest phase of his life he accepted the job at the asylum of insane, where he cured Klokenberg of his insanity. This episode of Dr Hahnemann life teaches us that every darkest cloud has a silver lining, even your worst adversity has a great opportunity; we should never stop looking for it.
Yet another keynote quality which Dr Hahnemann had gradually nurtured over a period of time was being an astute observer. Understanding Scarlet fever epidemic episode reveals this aspect of Dr Hahnemann, as during this epidemic we closely see that he, not only confirmed the curative powers of the newly found principle but also unearthed the prophylactic part of Belladonna during the epidemic. If we look more closely to the working methodology of Dr Hahnemann during that time we clearly judge that without any so called knowledge of Biostatistics he was a researcher far ahead of his time. Despite of such grand success, it was not a smooth sailing for him ahead; in 1799 he had to leave Koningslutter. I remember here the famous lines of Ratan Tata a straight line in ECG means death, but for our master the ECG of life was full of agonizing swings, meeting terrible accident, death of his son, facing severe criticism, contempt and opposition from medical fraternity. Despite of such hardships his will remained unshaken and ten years later Master came out with the epitome book of Homoeopathy, Organon of Medicine. Every single word of this literary masterpiece which was written hundreds of year ago is validated till today and is perpetual like wind. The Organon of Medicine along with its teachings delves a very important thing about Dr. Hahnemann’s accomplishment; he was responsible for resurgence in medicine during his time, being an evolutionary thinker and a progressive reformer he could foresee the hazardous and perilous effects of medical practice of those time and in order to reform them he laid down the golden book of medical fraternity Organon of Medicine.
Everything in his life depicts that Dr Hahnemann was an innovative genius who was much ahead of his time. Today the scientific community is taking of Holopathogenesis (i.e. unified theory of health-disease), Biopsychosocial–Spiritual Model of health and disease, these things have already been critically evaluated and analysed by Dr Hahnemann.
Conclusion: Fragrance of a flower is equivalent to the character a man possesses, finally before I put an end to my words I want to urge the Homoeopaths that through our energy and determination we have to enlighten Hahnemannian Homoeopathy more vigorously than ever before.  His attributes are ought to be imbibed by us today, as in the present era the scientific knowledge is acceptable only when it validates through materialistic or deterministic viewpoint. The scientific trait of the present age, that sense perceptible matter is conceived to be of fundamental significance. The times are tough as we are facing challenges and condemnation from every corner of world, our rapid propagation have generated tremendous unrest in orthodox philosophers of Galenic medicine. We need to update and respond pretentiously to propagate the Masters Supreme Philosophy.
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