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Homoeopathic Medicines for Babies

Abstract: Homoeopathy is one of the most successful and popular systems of medicine in the world. This article talks about application of homoeopathy in the treatment of children and infants.



Homoeopathy is known to be the Western Vedic medicine. It is logical, quick, safe and the most effective method of treatment. It offers permanent cure as it treats the disease from its roots. Homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole. It does not treat a disease superficially but has a very long lasting effect on the person as it strengthens the immunity of the person. Also, it helps to maintain the peace of mind.

Why homoeopathy should be the choice of treatment for babies and children?

The most delicate stage of life is the infant stage or the childhood. They are handled with extra care. Likewise, their medicines should also be extra caring and should be able to handle their delicacy. For their better immunity and healthy life, homoeopathy is the only guard for them. It is known to be the most comfortable mode of treatment not only for children but for people of all age groups. Hence, homoeopathy is the best effective treatment for babies and children.

Unlike other medicines like antibiotics, homoeopathy does not have any side effects. It neither lowers the body resistance nor does it affect digestion. They even do not cause any skin allergies or cause any damage if used for a long period of time. Homeopathic medicines are sweet in taste. So children easily ingest them without any trouble. These pills can also be put on the tongue of a small baby and it will do wonders without causing any problem to the baby. So, homoeopathy is very child friendly in all aspects.

Besides, homoeopathy is also helpful in behavioural issues with children of all ages. The problems like irritability, obstinacy, bed wetting, thumb sucking, etc. It has a very good scope in treating mentally and physically challenged children.

Some basic first aid of homoeopathy which one can use at home for their child:

These are medicines which one can use for their child at home instantly. It is like the first aid of homoeopathy. One can also use these medicines without consultation of a doctor on a condition that they are taken according to the mentioned signs and symptoms.

  • Aconite napellus: It is a remedy for any sudden onset of illness, sudden shock or fear. For example, sudden epileptic attack without any prior history of epilepsy.
  • Arnica montana: It is the pain killer of homoeopathy. It is the remedy for any kind of blunt injuries like fall, when skin becomes black or blue. It is used as a first aid after an injury.
  • Ledum palustre: It an anti-septic homoeopathic medicine. In case of injuries from sharp objects, bee stings, rat bites, etc. It is best to be used after such episodes.
  • Calendula officinalis: It the homeopathic anti-septic which is used externally for applying at the affected part. It is an anti-septic for scraps, abrasions, open wounds, lacerations. It fastens the healing of affected tissue.
  • Cantharides: It is used externally for all kind of burns. It is applied on the burnt part. It prevents the formation of vesicles and burnt marks. It reduces the pain and heal the tissue rapidly. It should be applied just after the burn on the affected part.


Other Homoeopathic remedies

These are medicines which are given according to the individualistic illnesses of a child. These should strictly be administered only after consulting the doctor. Some of these medicines are mentioned below:

  • Chamomilla: It is the best suited medicine for peevish, irritable, stubborn. Diarrhoea during dentition. Feels better only when carried. Effective at the time of teething and ear-aches.
  • Calcarea carbonicum: Children who catch cold easily. Disagree milk. Babies who are fat and perspire a lot. Have craving for indigestible things like chalk, pencil, etc.
  • Baryta carbonicum: Child who is slow at learning. Dwarfish mentally and physically with delayed milestones.
  • Aethusa cyanapium: Child unable to digest milk. Child is restless and anxious. Useful in cholera infantum.
  • Belladonna: It is a great remedy for childhood fevers. Useful in sun stroke and ear-aches.

Likewise, there are innumerable remedies which are very effective and serve the best to annihilate the illness. Homeopathic remedies can also be used as preventive medicines which help to prevent the major illnesses and make the immunity stronger.


To maintain the health of your child, one needs to choose the extra caring medicines for him. There is no choice better than homoeopathic medicines for the deep-rooted medication and intensive care of children with such ease of administration and no side effects. No doubt, Homoeopathy is the bright future of medical world.

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