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Management of Psoriasis

psoriasisAbstract: Psoriasis is considered as an incurable skin disease by many. As per my little experience, most of the psoriasis cases can be cured by a well selected Homoeopathic medicine. Compared to the result of short acting medicines and specifics, the deep acting constitutional drugs give better result. Drug selected on presenting totality may give some sort of relief to the presenting complaints, but the constitutional remedy in suitable potency and dose work wonderfully.

Introduction [1]


Psoriasis is one of the papulosquamous disorders of the skin that has genetic, autoimmune and psychosomatic etiology. The condition can be complicated by many physiological and other external factors such as injury, scratching tendency, climatic changes, food and cosmetic habits, etc. The disease is manifested in the form of chronic lesions with scaly plaques that usually affects the back and extremities (more on prominences) commonly seen as symmetrical lesions. The lesions also appear on the scalp, palms and soles, nails, etc. It can also affect the joints in the form of psoriatic arthritis. In classical psoriasis, there will be silvery scales that shows bleeding spots on removal of scales. There are other types of psoriasis such as Guttate psoriasis, Exfoliative Psoriasis, Pustular psoriasis, etc. Among the various types, Guttate psoriasis is relatively easy to manage. Tortuous capillaries on skin histopathological examination are the characteristic diagnostic feature. Modern medicine still prefers treating psoriasis by external applications and steroids, where as Homoeopathy prefers to manage the whole individual on the basis of constitutional treatment. As per the information from various sources, we homoeopaths easily manage most of the complicated cases coming from other systems of medicine. When the disease has a root cause in the genetic, mental and emotional spheres, the medicine that acts on these levels can easily cure the disease. Hence, we get the result as our medicines reach the deepest miasmatic level.


Points to be considered while treating psoriasis:


  1. An emotional trauma is often found as etiology in almost all cases. Hence the case taking must explore the hidden cause.
  2. The chain of itch-scratch- syndrome should be broken by repeated suggestion to the patient. The tendency to scratch becomes habitual to most of them, which can double the pathology, also spread the lesion as a result of Koebner’s phenomenon in psoriasis. So, repeated suggestion to stop scratching is mandatory.
  3. It is found that non vegetarian food often increases the skin lesions; also the junk food items. A healthy vegetarian diet, free from artificial ingredients is the best option.
  4. Most of the toilet soaps and cosmetics often aggravate the troubles. The best option is baby soap.
  5. When centesimal potency is given to psoriasis cases, better give single dose and wait. Repeat only when it is found necessary. I had many failures by repeated doses of C potencies. Whereas when LM potency is given, repeated doses can be given.
  6. Compared to management of other diseases, management of psoriasis needs little patience, applicable to both patient as well as the physician. When there is no immediate improvement, most of us keep on changing the remedies one after the other, and also the potencies. This approach will definitely fail the psoriasis cases.


Some Indicated Remedies: [2]


Alumina: Itching from warmth of bed; Chapped dry skin, scratch till bleeds.

Ars alb: Burning > by warmth; Ulcers with putrid discharge, restlessness.

Ars iod: Exfoliation of large scales leaving raw surface; Eczema < washing.

Berberis aqui: Scalp eruptions extending to face and neck; Pimples with dry skin; Psoriasis.

Chrysarobinum: Skin lesions with foul discharge and crust formation in the entire area; Dry scaly eruptions with violent itching; Scabs with pus underneath.

Corallium: Palmo plantar psoriasis; Coral colored, thin dark red spots, changing to copper colored spots; Red, flat ulcers.

Croton tig: Intense itching with painful scratching; Vesicular eruptions with burning, itching and oozing; Herpes zoster.

Dolichos: Itching with out eruptions; Senile pruritus; Itching with no swelling or rash; Itching < night; Itching of shoulders, elbow, knee and hairy parts; Herpes zoster.

Graphites: Eruptions with sticky honey like discharge; Rawness in bends of limbs groins, behind ears; Every little injury suppurates; Persistent dryness of skin unaffected by eczema.

Hepar sulph: Every little injury suppurates; Pus smells like old cheese; Wants to be covered warmly; Ulcers surrounded by little pimples; Chronic urticaria; Cracked hands and feet; Sweating with no relief.

Icthyolum: Itching and scaly eruptions; Crops of boils; Pregnancy itching; psoriasis.

Kali Ars: Remedy for inveterate skin diseases; Psoriasis with intolerable inching, worse by undressing; Dry scaly skin.

Mercurious: Constantly moist skin; Profuse offensive sweat which gives no relief; ulcers with irregular shape with undefined edges; Itching< warmth of bed.

Mezerium: Eczema with intolerable itching; eruptions with thick scabs with pus underneath; ulcers with vesicles and red areola around; Herpes zoster; ulcers breed vermin.

Natrum mur: Oily skin; Eruptions on margin of hair; Fever blisters; Urticaria after exercise; Alopecia; Warts on palms; Skin troubles from sun exposure.

Petroleum: Skin dry rough and cracked; Suppuration from slightest scratch; Rhagades < in winter; Intertrigo; Psoriasis of hands; Leathery skin.

Psorinum: Dirty skin; Herpetic eruptions on scalp and bends of joints; Intolerable itching; Suppressed eruptions causes asthma; Itching < warmth of bed.

Sulphur: Every little injury suppurates; Voluptuous itching; Dry unhealthy skin eruptions; Itching from warmth; Scratching till bleeds; Aversion to washing.

Staphysagria: History of an insult to the mind; Thick scabs with violent itching; Scratching changes location of itching; < by least touch on affected parts.

Thyroidinum: Itching without eruptions; Psoriasis with adiposity; Dryness of skin with exfoliation.

Urtica urens: History of suppressed nettle rash; Violent itching with burning; External and internal use of tincture can give relief to violent itching.


Wrightia Tinctoria: The CCRH has proved (on pharmacognostic, physio-chemical and pharmacological levels) this remedy, which was already used in Ayurveda and some herbal systems. The local herbal healers often suggest the small pieces of leaves soaked in oil, which has to be kept in sunlight for a few days, and then used as external application.

Clinical tips:

Clinical tips can be considered judiciously when there is no other way left behind. These tips can give some sort of relief to the troubles of the patient. Once the troubles are better, re-case taking has to be considered and give the more strongly indicated remedy.

  1. Commonly indicated drugs: Natrum mur, Ars alb, Sulphur, Ars iod, Psorinum, Staphysagria.
  2. Some specifics: Chrysarobinum 30, Ars iod 30, Nat mur 3x, Thyroidinum 3x.
  3. External application of Berberis Aquifolium Q gives some relief to the skin lesions.
  4. When there is too much itching, Urtica urens Q can be applied externally as well as internally.
  5. Wrightia tinctoria Q externally along with sesame oil is found very effective to control lesions. In Ayurveda, it is used since ages. The leaf of the plant is having more medicinal value.


Case: 1

MN, 49, came to my dispensary for the treatment of psoriasis. He was working as an accountant in a private firm, but had stopped working because of his skin lesions. On case taking, the following rubrics were selected.

  • Mind- laziness
  • Skin- eruption- psoriasis
  • Skin- burning- night
  • Expectoration- odor- offensive
  • Generalities – food and drinks- meat, aversion
  • Generalities- weakness- rising


Repertorization: By Radar 10.

Repertorization result: Ars, Merc, Carb v, Rhus tox, etc.

Rx: Ars alb 0/1, 5 drops twice daily for one month, followed by placebo.

Cured in 4 months time (See Image 1)


Case: 2


An HIV positive patient aged 47, who had recently developed psoriasis consulted me. He had eruptions with severe itching, with tendency to scratch. He had strong addiction for alcoholic drinks. He was also very unhygienic as per his mother’s statement.


On these indications, Sulphur 0/3 was given, 5 drops 4 times with water. Urtica Uren Q was also given, for external use when required, only to control his severe itching. Also suggested pure vegetarian diet, which is very essential in psoriasis. The lesions had completely gone after one month. Of course, he is still HIV positive, but I am trying to prevent him becoming an AIDS patient. (See Image 2)



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Source: The Homoeopathic Heritage, September 2016.

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