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Left side paralysis: A Case Study in Homeopathy

hemiplegia Name: Mr NK Sharma
Age: 78 yrs./M
Occupation: Retired Army officer
Address: Kullu H.P.
Date:  20/03/20017


Case History

Patient was brought to me by his family members. He was unable to walk and speak. There was complete loss of sensation in the left side of body. Numbness of left arm and leg. Attendants told me that he fell in the bathroom and his head hit the floor badly. Thereafter, all this started. They took him to nearby hospital where all lab and radiology tests were done and MRI report showed right basal ganglion bleed. They gave him treatment accordingly. But even after 1 month of medicine they saw no result.  So they brought him to me for treatment. His Blood pressure was quite high (180/110) even after taking allopathic medicine so I asked to stop medicine. There were involuntary discharges of stool and urine. Appetite diminished with difficulty in swallowing esp. solid food. He could only swallow liquid drinks and liquid food. Sleep was disturbed. As patient was unable to speak properly, I was unable to collect mind symptoms and sensations. So I took available data, the cause and repertorised the case.

After Considering cause and repertory analysis Lachesis 200 was prescribed. Rauwolfia Q BD for was prescribed for BP management.


Follow ups


Patient came after 15days – Numbness in leg still present. Movement of left arm return; starts uttering word which were not so clear. Stool and urine normal. Appetite return. No difficulty in swallowing food.
BP 150/80.


Lachesis 1M stat given and asked to come after a month for follow up.

After one-month patient came to my chamber on his feet. Sensation of arm and leg returned fully, voice became clear. No other complain was mentioned by patient during follow-up.

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