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Book Review of "Homeopathy Viewed Diagnostically Part-II"

The book  ‘ Homeopathy Viewed Diagnostically (part- II) is another excellent research work of the author Dr. S.Bhattacharjee explaining how the homeopathic remedies become indicative in response to the hormonal disorders.
In this part, though mainly the Endocrine diseases and their remedies are analysed and selected diagnostically, yet other chapters on Thalassemia, different types of Fevers are also accommodated with the same kind of selections of remedies.
The most scientific way of finding out a Homeopathic remedy for a diseased person is to establish the relationship between the remedy and the disease by virtue of the biomechanism of the disease and the pharmacodynamics of the remedy. Some exposed symptoms may just confirm the selection.
And, as it may already be known to you that this is the unique and exceptional book in Homeopathic field where the remedies are selected on the basis of diagnosis of the disease and the relationship between these two, in this part (II) also these are established with more clarity considering the functions of hormones and its disorders progressing towards different diseases. How the hormonal disorders affect the body to manifest Blood Pressure,  Blood Sugar, Menstrual disorders, PCOD, Erectile Dysfunctions etc.etc. and which should be remedies (and why) have been clarified with a diagnostic approach, in this part of the book.
Regarding Thalassemia, the deadliest disease, Homeopathy seems to have a better medication and in this book, remedies are provided with clear explanations that ‘ how & why ‘ these will be effective.
In the chapter ‘Fevers’, remedies for various types of fevers like, Viral, Typhoidal, Malarial,  Dengue etc. etc. are searched out which have diagnostic conformity with the diseases.
As a whole,  a unique, reasonable, scientific approach in the Homeopathic system obeying all its basic principles, will be experienced in this book.

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