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Ayush medical service will be closed at Chhindwara

Chhindwara: The conduct of homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Greek departments of Ayush Wing, operating in OPD of District Hospital will be closed soon. Civil Surgeon Dr. JS Gogia has informed the AYUSH department in this regard. Although the three wings of AYUSH department are being proposed to be set up in the Panchkarma Department in the hospital premises, but before this, the doctors and staff of the AYUSH Department have started to oppose the protest.


Conspiracy to be shifted from the district hospital to Ayush Department, Panchkarma


AYUSH doctors say that he is sitting in the district hospital on the instructions of the Directorate of AYUSH. Apart from this, he said that every day a large number of pensioners including other patients are treated and given medicines. Patients may have to face difficulties due to sudden transplantation arrangements.

District AYUSH officer Dr Kishore Gadbail has been arrested by the collector


District AYUSH Officer Dr Kishore Gadbail said that in protest against the direction of the removal of three departments of Ayush Wing from the OPD of the District Hospital, he has requested the JK Jain to intervene in the matter. Dr. Gadbel said that due to lack of adequate space in Panchkarma division, it would be difficult to work there and Panchkarma will be affected as well as Greek, Ayurveda and Homeopathy department. The AYUSH Wing should not be removed without making an alternative system.


Arrangements for new doctors


With the aim of getting the benefits of Medical experts of the Medical College to the patients of the district, arrangements for seating of doctors are being made in the district hospital’s APPD. AYUSH department has been informed and it has been advised to sit in Panchkarma Department.

Dr. JS Gogia, Chief Medical and Health Officer

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