Miasmatic Prescribing, Miasmatic Prescribing In Homeopathy

Miasmatic Prescribing in Homeopathy

Miasmatic Prescribing is the much enlarged edition of the book Miasmatic Diagnosis which is a best-seller book on miasms by Dr S K Banerjea. The author has revised and added many new chapters to the “Miasmatic Diagnosis Book” from his further experience of more than 26 years of clinical practice and brought out this new version by the name of Miasmatic Prescribing. This book is written over a period of fifteen years and supported by clinical experience. This is the most complete book on Miasms with new sections and ideas. The book contains 9 parts: Part I – Philosophy and Utility of Miasm; Part II – Miasmatic Diagnostic Classifications; Part III – Miasmatic Diagnosis of Clinical Classifications; Part IV – Miasmatic Ancestral Tips; Part V – Miasmatic Repertory; Part VI – Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines; Part VII – Modern Classical Prescribing – Practical Approach; Part VIII – Miasmatic Interpretation in Prescribing – Case Illustrations; Part IX – Look and Diagnose the Miasm.

Miasmatic Prescribing in Homeopathy – The inclusion of miasm in a homeopathic prescription is becoming more and more important in this modern world of suppression. Hahnemann with his infinite wisdom recognized some two hundred years ago the prominence of one-sided diseases with a scarcity of proper characteristic symptoms and the increasing usage of modern drugs has intensified this to a degree that such cases are becoming increasingly common today.

Miasmatic Prescribing in Homeopathy – There can only be one approach if a complete cure is sought and this is to systematically remove each layer of suppression and miasmatic dyscrasia before proceeding to nip the underlying cause of disease in the bud.

This book is designed for homeopathic practitioners and students alike and for this reason I am assuming a degree
of knowledge as befits both. However, I feel it is worthwhile at the outset to define the homeopathic context of
the word miasm as an invisible, inimical, dynamic principle, an inherited weakness, a stigma or vacuum in the
constitution and to share with you the analogy of the peeling away of petals from the lotus flower, a
representation of the removal of each different layer of suppression or disease and their corresponding dyscrasia
which I use in my lectures to demonstrate the curative art of miasmatic prescribing.

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