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Miasm in The Light Of Modern Era


MIASM is the most controversial thing since the Hahnemann time . Many believe that miasma are the sole reason for the evolution of illness , and many didn’t believes and says that there is no such thing that exists in universe , and many add their colors to this concept by deviating slightly from what Hahnemann said centuries ago and creating the more confusion to the already confused concept . Whatever the theories and speculations others said or believe , but the concept of miasma is present since ages which then no one named it though , but they observe that something that make the illness recur . Here in this article , we would like to enlighten the significance, evolution and perception of miasma in modern era.





If we clearly study the history, it is very clear that Hahnemann didn’t invent anything new, but he just follow the nature and made a shape to those proposed by ancestors and make them available in practice. Here also, Hahnemann didn’t invent the concept of miasma, but he is definitely the first one who to name them as miasma and changes its perception.

In ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda too has this concept but they name it as “DOSHAS” which are solely responsible for the evolution as well as the recurrence of illness. Ayurveda says …”the things that maintain the equilibrium represents as doshas namely…VAYU , PITTA , KAPHA …. .(just like the homoeopathic concept of psora , syphilis , sycosis …..) . The concept of 3 doshas is akin to 3 miasms . The concept of miasma is the synthetic understanding of constitution in its totality , similarly in ayurveda also the concept of dosha emphasizes the constitutional deficiencies of a person


Hahnemann was not the only one to establish the connection between the chronic maladies and expelled itch , 20 years before Hahnemann published his book on chronic diseases another scientist had referred to this phenomenon . Authentrieth , a university professor of Tubingen was experimenting on this in his clinic 1808 , he had also noticed in his practical therapy that many chronic diseases resulted from dislodging the superficial itch . Only difference between him and Hahnemann was that he attributed it quite wrongly to salves. But he being an allopath , advocated removal of itch by silver sulphur and soft soap which was equally not good




Why does all members in the same family are not affecting equally to a calamity…?


Why does the symptoms recur even after administering the simillimum …?


In present days we frequently come across the conditions like carcinomas in children (whatever the type it is), what might be the reason for it…?


By considering the peculiar characteristic symptom in a drug we gave a remedy and the case got cured in one person but when another person came with same complaint, we gave the same remedy but the cure is not attaining …why …? Does the key note prescription go wrong ……? or is there something that hinders the cure…?


This means there is something that make all these happenings possible, and that SOMETHING called as GENES by someone (which make persons susceptible) , and we homoeopaths called as MIASMA (according to Dr Praful Vijayakar , both are similar)


The word miasma is a Greek word which means stain, pollution, defilement. In general, the miasma means…. a heavy vaporous exhalations or effluvium formerly believed as cause of disease, obnoxious influence or atmosphere, an unwholesome exhalation, polluted material …. etc.,


Dr Samuel Hahnemann, used the word miasma which is prevalent during his time with the meaning to express morbific emanations from putrescent organic matter, Hahnemann picked up the term which was used in the medical literature of his time, but he adorned the word with special connotation and denotation used accordingly.


When we say miasma, it means the etiology of disease. In order to understand the concept of miasm, one should study the Hahnemann’s theory of chronic diseases, where he says that miasma is nothing but the infection. The infection with miasma, as well of the acute diseases, takes place, without a doubt, in one single moment, and that moment, the most favorable for infection. Hahnemann taught that there were three important moments in the process of infection ….

1. The moment of infection


2.The period of which the whole organism is exposed to the miasma until its internal development is complete


3.The breaking out of the external ailment that signals the complete development of the miasma throughout the wholesome organism.


Every miasma manifests according to its affinity. All the chronic ailments owing their origin to a certain skin disease or expression, had their fundamental origin firmly established as chronic miasms. This means their parasitical existence in human organism goes on continually strengthening and increasing irrespective of healthy life style, diet, or robust constitution.


Hahnemann also ruled the fact that science was not advanced enough to provide an explanation to his theory of chronic diseases, nevertheless he has put in bold the explanation based on logic and experience which explains the theory of miasm. An understanding of miasmatic concept is, in our judgement, the ultimate concern of physician, because it involves nothing less than a maximum understanding of human. This is the fundamental concept of general pathology.


Miasm as Defence System


Our pathology text books screams that every illness begins as a functional disturbance (physiological), later on develops its hypertrophy due to variable reasons to indicate its morbific derangement, if this too got neglected, our body has to sacrifice one organ in order to save the whole living being.


According to modern science ….

1.The inflammatory and irritative pathologies seems to emanate from the physiological defense.

2.The growth pathologies seems to emanate from the constructive defense

3.The destructive pathologies seems to emanate from the destructive defense


Defense mechanisms of body are of 2 kinds namely …..

The defensive response of cell is based on conserving, using or sacrificing its possessions. The 3 basic functions which can be used to defend itself are….


1.Using or sacrificing the primary or the first function if nutrition and respiration the cell brings about the physiological defense or psora


2.Using or sacrificing the 2nd basic function of generation or the cell capacity to generate, the cell brings about the morphological constructive defense by sacrificing certain functions which corresponds to sycosis


3.Using or sacrificing the 3rd basic function of immunity, the morphological destructive defense is brought about which corresponds to sycosis


These all were foreseen Dr Hahnemann 200 years back. In Organon, aphorism 74 is the most important one which states as….”………. in order to maintain life against these inimical and destructive attacks, it must produce a revolution in the organism, and either deprive some part of its irritability and sensibility, or exalt these to an excessive degree, cause dilatation or contraction, relaxation or induration or even total destruction of certain parts, and develop faulty organic alterations here and there in the interior or the exterior1(cripple the body internally or externally), in order to preserve the organism from complete destruction of the life by the ever-renewed, hostile assaults of such destructive forces……….”


It will be beneficial for us to understand a pathological manifestation in a disease which as we know is because of some deep-seated unseen dyscrasia within the body itself, these miasma works as a immune system.


Perception of Miasma


The concept of miasma is not a mere speculation or hypothesis, but it comes from years of experience. Hahnemann discovered it after experiencing the repeated relapses of complaints in patients even after the simillimum. After the long 12 years of his experiments, he came to a conclusion that recurrence of complaints is due to something that make them appear again, that acts as an obstacle in curing the case, which may even pass to next generation …. later it is termed as miasma, which for the first time appeared in the 4th edition of the Organon with correct interpretation


Defining a miasm is of the utmost importance, as each differing definition brings with its own therapeutic process and system based on interpretation.  The miasms are of 3 kinds namely…..1.Acute Miasm     2.Half-acute Miasm      3.Chronic Miasm


When appropriate anti-miasmatic remedies remove the strongest layer, the next most powerful layer will surface with its signs and symptoms. This process will continue until all the predispositions toward such disease are removed.


All layers are not miasmatic as any pathogenic force from which a patient has never fully recovered can produce complex layers and disorders. This is why it is so important to understand the etiology of various symptoms we observe and relate them to the time and progression of disease state.


Sometimes all of these layers may unwind under the influence of one grand constitutional remedy and at other times there is a change of symptoms that points to a new medicine.


There are 3 types of miasm activity namely …….ACTIVE, LATENT, DORMANT


Miasms are the acquired and inherited effects of a prior infection. This attack on the system of mass defense takes place in 3 phases namely…. PRIMARY, LATENT, SECONDARY.  In order to utilize the Hahnemann’s theory of chronic disease, it is very important to study each of classical miasms separately so as to understand the basis of their symptomatology.


A study of the maternal and paternal lineages as well as brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles is helpful in establishing which chronic miasms run through a family. Each miasm should be noted with the symptom patterns they have produced.


The inherited miasm, the emotions felt in the womb, and expressions of early childhood form the basis of human psychology and must be investigated while taking a case history . Illness is a process that matures the soul and strengthens the body when treated homeopathically .



  A female patient aged 29 yrs reported in our OPD on 16-Mar-2017 with the complaints of multiple swellings over neck region since 1 year, patient already taken allopathic treatment , but without any relief and also complaining of recurrent headaches since 1yr , which aggravates on bending forwards , 10 am , on exposure to sun light , motion . On detailed case study, the course of presenting illness as follows….boils over both arms (at 3yrs back) later relieved by some external ointments within 2 weeks           itching over anterior cervical region at 2yrs back which later subsided by ointments             later on develops small swellings at almost 1yr back , which increases in size and dreams about her children begins


Appetite was very poor since almost 1yr. Patient could cope up without any food for 2-3 days. She was very thirsty, drank water often. Bowels constipated, sleepless due to dreams, and dreams as if someone kidnapping her children and as if there will be some threat to her children since 1yr.


On examination, the swellings are round, hard, movable and is diagnosed as chronic anterior cervical lymphadenitis. Anemic, mapped tongue


The patient was lea , tall , thin , has long neck , dark complexion , emaciated , poorly nourished , weighs only 48kg, has 2 children .


No significant family history. Except boils, there was no significant past history. The patient was non-diabetic and non-hypertensive.


After Repertorisation











DR.C.M. BOGER, IN HIS SYNOPTIC KEY, in NATRUM MUR. he says…” Thin, thirsty, hopeless and poorly nourished. Emaciation; descending; agg. neck or abdomen.




We gave NAT.MUR 30 3 doses on 3 consecutive days, followed by placebo



22-mar-2017 Had a fever , headache got increased , appetite got improved and sleeps better than before size of swellings remains the same Placebo twice a day
7-apr-2017 Swellings around the neck got reduced , dreams are subsided , appetite and sleep got  improved, headache is better bowels become regular Rubrum for 15 days , twice a day
20-apr-2017 Patient feels better , no new complaints are seen , generals got improved Placebo for 15 days , twice a day
2-may-2017 Now pt. complains of multiple boils over gluteal region , which are very painful with discharge of pus NATRUM MUR 200 , 2 doses , on 2 consecutive days
19-may-2017 Pt. feels better but boils remains the same NAT.MUR 200 , 3 doses, o 3 consecutive days
3-june-2017 Pt. got relief from boils and no other complaints are seen Placebo for 15 days
28-june-2017 So far no complaints and pt. feels better Sac .lac for 1 month


After 3 consultations, the swellings got subsided with improvement of generals like appetite, bowels, sleep and dreams got subsided completely and now patient complains of multiple boils at buttocks (which in similar way appeared over arms at 3yrs back), them NAT.MUR 200 , the patient got relief completely


If we observe the course of illness, first appears the psora in the form of boils, which then suppressed by external applications without any internal medicine, later threatening dreams about her children, then develops the lymphadenitis which is of sycotic. Then here it is the sycotic predominant with psoric underlying.


Hence whenever it meets with the simillimum, the predominant layer(sycotic) got subsided  , then psora comes to surface , which later got subsided by the constitutional remedy(ANT.MUR)  which also covers the miasmic layers .



Here the simillimum is incomplete without the miasmatic interpretation. Like how genes a role in every individual, miasms too plays a role in maintaining health. Study of miasms is nothing but the study of human being. The classical theory of the chronic miasms is an empirical study of human organism’s, mal-adaptive defensive reactions to parasitical infection that chronicles the development of secondary pathology, auto-immune diseases and immuno-deficiency disorders. Having a clear picture of miasms brings to the symptoms of complicated cases and helps in selecting an appropriate treatment plan.




Dr Neelima Agrawal M.D (Hom) is H.O.D in Department of Organon of medicine  , Dr.Allu Ramalingaiah Homoeo Medical College , Rajamahendravaram


Dr.K.Y.Naga Priya is  PG scholar in the Department of Organon of medicine and philosophy ,  Dr.Allu Ramalingaiah Homoeo Medical College , Rajmahendravaram


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