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Dandruff and its management in Homeopathy

dandruffDandruff is a common chronic problem in youngsters. It is marked by flaking of the skin of the scalp and usually accompanied by itching. Though it is harmless but it can be embarrassing for those who have it. There are some myths about dandruff such as it is caused by dryness, a flaky or itchy scalp is dandruff, it usually occurs in winters and similarly others. In fact, dandruff is caused when scalp is flaky due to too much oil rather than too little oil. In some people, the yeast starts to feed on the excess oil and dead skin cells on the scalp, causing the skin cells to shed more frequently and clump into flakes. A flaky itchy scalp is not the only symptom of dandruff; it can be seborrhoeic dermatitis or psoriasis which should be diagnosed by doctors. Lastly, due to oil production, dandruff can appear in summers too.


Some causes of dandruff are oily scalp, not shampooing often, sensitive to hair care products etc. There are shampoos and scalp products available in our market but they are not effective in controlling it properly. These products contain ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, coal tar, salicyclic acids etc. but some people are allergic to these.


Homeopathy has a good cure for cases of dandruff. The results can be seen in nearly 90% of the cases. Some medicines such as Thuja, Kali Sulph, Badiaga, Natrum Mur, Phosphorus etc. are really effective in controlling the dandruff and related problems. However, these medicines should be consumed only on specific prescription by a Homeopathic physician depending upon the detailed case study of the patient and his /her constitutional aspects. These medicines as shown below are effective in different conditions of dandruff.



White dandruff. It is mainly indicated in white scaly dandruff; hair dry, falling out.

Kali Sulph 

Yellow dandruff , indicated in yellowish and copious dandruff. Itching worsened by heat.


Dandruff, scalp, sore, dry, tetter-like.


Natrum Mur 

White dandruff, dandruff at occiput and margins of the scalp. Dandruff causes hair to fall in bunches when combed and scratched.



White dandruff. Itching of scalp, dandruff, falling out of hair in large bunches.



White dandruff, head covered with thick, leathery crusts, under which pus collects.



Dandruff at occiput.




Dandruff with itching of the scalp and headache worse after a hot water bath. Hair fall out in bunches on combing causing baldness in single spots.


Apart from the medicines, the management of one’s scalp and hair is also necessary to control the dandruff and related issues. Regular washing of scalp, using better hair care products, use of less sticky oils, use of nutrition gels instead of regular hair oils, taking good protein diet which tends to improve the hair growth, getting head massages, regular exercise or yoga and meditation will help improve one’s overall health, and specially hair issues.


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