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BelladonnaThe child lies quietly in bed, often even dizzy. Works especially on children who are otherwise good, but are unbearable in fever. Restless sleep of the children, who often lie with their eyes half open and speak in their sleep (apis, calc-p).


Smart people. High fever, with moist skin. Head is red, pupils are tall. Pulsing and hammering in the head. Dryness in the throat. Tightness when swallowing. The skin is moist in covered areas. Tendency to convulsions. Dryness and heat of the mouth, not influenced by water. Jump out of bed, laugh and chat. Scarlet skin (main remedy). An anti-convulsant, if the patient can not tolerate pressure on the body, often not even the shirt. Always only after Acon.


Body: strong, full-blooded people. Acute inflammation. Can not sleep despite tired. Heavy dreams. Driving up from sleep with fright and screaming; Twitching in sleep, teeth grinding. Hypersensitive. Pain comes and goes in a flash. Over-stimulation. Climax: heat.


By: cold, draft. Fright, anger, teething. Hair cutting makes a torticollis.


Worse: movement, touch, cold breeze. Lying down. Bending over, direct sunlight. In the afternoon, in the evening. Slight pressure aggravates, strong pressure improves. Heat, especially sun heat.


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