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Handy Tips to prepare for UPSC Medical Officer, Homeopathy 2017 interview

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Tips to prepare for Personality Test:
The first thing you have to understand that it is a personality test, so they will judge your personality not the knowledge you have, for which they had already conducted the theory test & already you have successfully cleared it. Still, they can ask you from every specialty, particularly G&O, pediatrics, PSM (read well the programs), Homeopathy subjects.
Try to relax before & during the interview.
If u are coming from an outside station try to reach Delhi one day earlier before the interview. Visit the place of interview personally. These will help to relax a bit.
Dress Right
UPSC CMS Exam tests the merit of the candidates eager to apply for the position of medical personnel in the government organizations. Remember that before you utter a single word, you make an impression on the basis of how you have dressed. Moreover, you are a medical professional and thus dressing right is of significant value. Remember that the interview attire is often regarded as a way to check the candidate’s familiarity with the industry. Here are a few quick tips.
• Avoid the loud colors
• Wear neat, clean and properly pressed clothes
• Hair must be combed neatly
• You can wear a deodorant but avoid using cologne or perfume
Always remember that dressing professionally shows respect for yourself, the interviewer as well as your profession.
Check Out on the Common Interview Questions and Prepare Response
Preparing response to the common interview questions is one of the best ways to score high in UPSC CMS personality test. You can ask some of your seniors on the questions they have been asked. Awareness of the common questions will help you stay better prepared. Always remember that your goal is to compose detailed but a concise response with specific examples and accomplishments.
Be on Time
You can’t afford to be late for your personality test. Make sure to start from home well before schedule so that you are left with adequate time to reach the interview venue. If you do not start keeping adequate time in hand, you will be required to hurry at the last minute. Starting late do not just increase the chances to reach the venue late but causes stress as well, thereby impairing performance at the personality test. As soon as you reach the interview venue, switch off the cellphone. This will help you to concentrate.
Greet the Interviewers
Interview is one of the most dreaded words for both the young as well as the old job seekers. I know that there can seldom be a situation when each word and gestures that you make gets evaluated. Remember that when you are meeting an interviewer for the very first time, you make an impression. You can’t afford to appear timid in this case but look confident.
Greet the interviewer as soon as you enter the room. Remember that your body language speaks a thousand words and greeting properly can evoke a positive or a negative response, setting the tone for the conversation. Make sure that you opt for a sincere and confident approach while you appear for interviews.
Practice Non-Verbal Communication
Remember that in the personality tests, it is crucial to demonstrate confidence. Your body language matters a lot in cases like this. You need to stand straight, make eye contact and connect properly. Remember that your nonverbal expressions can announce a great beginning or a quick ending to your interview.
Be Honest
Make sure to be honest while you answer the questions. It is alright if you do not know the answer to a question. You can always politely apologize saying that you do not know the answer. There is little need to be overconfident and answer the questions wrong. Honesty would give you an advantage, overconfidence might cost you that.
Avoid Speaking Too Much
Remember not to tell more than is absolutely necessary. It is better to answer the questions to the point. However, make sure not to be too specific. In that case, the interviewer may not get the answer.
To communicate properly, you must be a good listener. You have applied for the position of a medical professional in a government agency. To shine in this field, you must be a good listener. If you are not a good listener, you will not be able to give a patient hearing when the symptoms are enumerated to you. Make sure that you listen to the question carefully before you are answering them.
Getting high marks in personality test needs research, practice as well as persistence. Follow the necessary steps to the core to acquire better chances of scoring high in the personality test.
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