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How Homeopathy Works- You've Probably Never Heard This Before!

For years I didn’t really understand how homeopathy works even though I saw it work. Then I learned a few new things that made it all make sense. I’m sharing them now. This video is one of my most controversial videos on my channel. Many people say homeopathy doesn’t work and there is no science to back it up. There is a study I found here that says this: “To conclude that homeopathy lacks clinical effect, more than 90% of the available clinical trials had to be disregarded. Alternatively, flawed statistical methods had to be applied.” To conclude: there is a healthcare industry-wide attack on homeopathy to discredit it and squash it. So for anyone to post a comment with a blanket statement that homeopathy doesn’t work, they are also duped by the system that is using intentionally flawed science to eliminate their competition. Making homeopathic remedies is still taught in pharmacy school. Homeopathy and vaccinations are parallel theories. If you bash homeopathy, then you bash vaccinations, too.


“In late 2011, the Swiss government’s report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland’s national health insurance program.”

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