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With 1:921, India has Healthy Doctor-Patient Ratio

BENGALURU: India has one doctor for every 921 people, as of December 2017, which is way ahead of the doctor-population ratio of 1:1000 prescribed by the World Health Organisation. The number includes ayurveda, homeopathy and unani (AUH) practitioners, along with allopathy doctors.


If allopathy doctors alone are considered, the ratio soars to 1:1596. There are 7.63 lakh ayurveda, unani and homeopathy doctors in the country, and assuming that even 80% of them are practising, there are 6.1lakh AUH doctors.


According to the Medical Council of India, 10.4 lakh doctors are registered with the state branches of the council. However, not more than 8.33lakh MBBS doctors are in active service. To increase the number of MBBS doctors, the Centre is working on hiking MBBS seats from 150 to 250 per college, sources said.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/with-1921-india-has-healthy-doctor-patient-ratio/articleshow/63586736.cms

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