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A Short and Acute Case of Vertigo Cured with Bambusa

bambusaA lady 40 yrs. old came to our clinic in night. She was suffering from severe vertigo. She said, “Doctor I am feeling very dizzy and nauseous. I cannot stoop or cannot lie due to my vertigo.”Her symptoms were referring towards cervical spondylitis. Her B.P was normal. I asked her how did it happen. She replied that she was in hospital as care taker of her relative for last 10 days’ and she haven’t slept or taken rest since last 10 days. She said if I lie with 3 or 4 pillows only then I get relief in my vertigo. I haven’t laid down and I am avoiding stooping since last 24 hrs. due to fear that I will have vertigo. And, when I rise I fear that I might fall from vertigo. I am sitting straight since last 24 hrs. Patient was a known case of gastritis, chronic constipation, and acidity and was cured by me 2 years ago. Since then, she has fallen sick.

Now my mind was going towards Glonoine, Gels, Cocculus. But I was not sure. Then, I remembered a small medicine which helped me many times in cases where vertigo was due to cervical spondylitis. Or any cervical complaint. This medicine was taught to me by my guru Dr. L. C. Sharma sir. I saw him curing cases of cervical spondylitis by this medicine.

So I repertorised the case and result of was and repertory sheet was different from my mind. But I was sure that the drug in my mind will be curative because I have also verified this drug many times. So I gave one dose of that medicine and gave 2 doses SOS for further use. But what happened within five minutes was patient said I am better. My friend and collegue Dr. Mohsin Khanwas was present with me at my clinic. We both were surprised that this medicine worked so quick.


The medicine was Bambusa 30. Only one dose was given and after five minutes we verified from the patient by making him stoop and touch the ground and see if she has vertigo. But she was also surprised that why don’t she felt vertigo now.

So remember friends whenever you get a case off vertigo, nausea, and vomiting and causative is cervical spondylitis think of Bambusa….in this case reason for choosing Bambusa was fear of vertigo, vertigo cervical, vertigo stooping agg, vertigo with nausea.


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