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Haemorrhoids – A life Style Disorder & Homoeopathy


Haemorrhoid is the most common ano-rectal disorder of mankind. Haemorrhoids are dilated veins occurring in relation to anus.  Constipation is the main cause of haemorrhoid. This disease is initiated from improper digestion due to improper food habit and lifestyles. Most of the civilized people are dependent on junk food, packet food etc. So the percentage of incidence & recurrence is towards the verge of high incidence. Modern system of medicine plays a limited role to cure as well as to prevent the recurrence. But   Homoeopathy has got a better answer to cure and to prevent the recurrence with the correction of food habit.


Aetiology of haemorrhoids 

  1. Hereditary
  2. Other causes- carcinoma of rectum,  portal hypertension.


  • Dilated venous plexus arise from elevated pressure in the haemorrhoidal plexus.
  • Haemorrhoidal cushion are likely normal structures involved in continence.
  • Elevated intra-abdominal pressure lead to vascular dilatation, may lead to haemorrhoid formation.
  • Degradation of normal supporting structures in the haemorrhoidal plexus also plays a role. Older patient appear to be more prone to this.



According to location:

  1. 1st degree haemorrhoid – haemorrhoid that may be bleed but does not come out.
  2. 2nd degree haemorrhoid – haemorrhoid that prolapse during defecation, but return back spontaneously.
  • 3rd degree haemorrhoid – haemorrhoid prolapsed during defecation, can be raplaced back only by manual help.
  • 4th degree piles – haemorrhoid that are permanently prolapsed


Clinical feature 

  • Bleeding
  • Mass per anus
  • Pain may be due to prolapsed.
  • Pruritus
  • Discharge- a mucoid discharge.
  • Anaemia secondary.



  • On inspection it may not be visualized. When the patient strains, internal haemorrhoid may come out.
  • Digital examination, internal piles cannot felt unless they are thromboses.
  • Proctoscopy – we can make out the internal haemorrhoids.
  • Sigmoidoscopy should be done as a precaution in every case.



  • Strangulation
  • Thrombosi
  • Ulceration
  • Gangrene
  • Fibrosis
  • Pylephlebitis


General management

  • Home remedies – sometimes this remedy has actual medicinal properties to cure the disease. Drink radish juice twice a day. For reducing pain of piles drink buttermilk.
  • Ice packs – apply an ice packs to the anal area 10 to 15 minutes it will give relieve from pain.
  • Keep the anus dry – a moist anal area has more dangerous for infection. It should be clean and dry.
  • Siz bath- a siz bath is a bath where the patient sits in warm water bath with perineum dipped in water.
Dietary management-
Ø  Plenty of water intake
Ø  Green vegetables
Ø  Avoid rich , season, spicy food.
Ø  Avoid meat.
Ø   Avoid straining



 Homoeopathic approaches


The main aim of physician to control the disease in its severity and to prevent the recurrences of piles. Homoeopathy is based on similia similibus curanture. According to homoeopathy every case should be individualized. The application of the remedies not only correct pain, bleeding but also change susceptibility to the particular disease.


Miasmatic approach – Hahnemann discovered, chronic maims are the main cause of chronic disease. They are Psora, Syphilis & Sycosis, which are the fundamental cause of disease. Homoeopathic treatment is depending upon the indivigualization which includes miasm as there is person suffers from disease without miasmatic cause. So and so the remedy too. The selection of the remedy also depends on maismatic background of the patient to cure, to prevent the recurrence also.


 Miasmatic presentation of Haemorrhoid

Miasmatic presentation of Haemorrhoid
Obstruction of venous outfloiw secondary to pregnancy or pelvic mass, , prolonged foreceful valsalva during defecation, venous congetion.
Psoro –sycotic
Itching with, sensitive, increase size of the vessels of the anal cushion swell, , increased intra- abdominal pressure,  temperament.
Bleeding, leads to asthma suppression.
Painful, heredity, thrombosis.
cushion deteriotion, , weakness of blood vessels wall,


 Therapeutic Indication of Haemorrhoid


  • Aesculus Hippocastanum – Dry aching pain. Feels full of small sticks. Anus raw and sore. Much pain after stool. Haemorrhoids with sharp shooting pain up the back, blind and bleeding worse during climacteric.


  • Aloes socortina – Constant bearing down pain in the rectum. Bleeding sore and hot relieved by cold water. Haemorrhoids protrude like grapes, very sore and tender better by cold application. Burning in anus rectum.


  • Collinsonia canadensis – Stool like a sheep dung. Sensation of sharp sticks in rectum sense of constriction. Painful bleeding piles.


  • Hamamelis virginica – Anus feel sore and raw. Haemorrhoids bleeding profusely with soreness.


  • Muriaticum acidum – Haemorrhoids during pregnancy. Bluish, hot with violent stitches. Haemorrhoids most sensitive to all touch, even sheet of toilet paper is painful.


  • Nux vomica – Itching, blind haemorrhoids, ineffectual urging to stool. Constriction of rectum.


  • Nitric acidum – It acts mainly where the mucous membrane and skin meet. Sensation of pain as from splinters. Haemorrhoids bleed easily. Violent cutting pain after stool lasting for hours.


  • Rathania – Anus aches and burn for hours after stool. Dry heat of anus with sudden knife like stitches, burning like fire, temporarily relieved by cold water. Stool passed with great effort, protrusion of haemorrhoids.


  • Sulphur –Itching and burning of anus. Piles dependent upon abdominal plethora. Hard, knotty, insufficient stool. Child afraid on account of pain. Haemorrhoids oozing and bleeding.


Uncommon reportorial rubric presentation from Murphy repertory


  • Haemorrhoids abdominal plethora with – aloe, sulph.
  • Children in– mur ac
  • Irritability with – apis, NUX V.
  • Itching – calc, calc p, CAUST, coll,ferr, ham, lilt, mur ac, petr, petros.
  • Mental exertion- caust
  • Morning agg- DIOS
  • Night agg – merc, puls, SULPH
  • Pendulous- nit ac
  • Pregnancy during- aesc, am- m, caps, COLL, lach, lyco, nat-m, nux-v, SEP,
  • Purple– aesc
  • Standing agg – aesc, am-c, caust, sulph
  • Thinking of them agg – caust
  • Touch agg – BELL, carbn-s ,CAUST, hep ,kali-c, MUR-AC, RAT, SULPH, THUJ
  • Walking agg – AESC, BROM, CARB-AN, CAUST, MUR-AC, SULPH.
  • Wiping after stool agg – AESC, GRAPH, MUR-AC, SULPH.



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