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Doctor or Nurse-compounder, Everyone's Paycheck Equal in Jharkhand

JharkhandThe Department of Finance considers the pay scale of AYUSH doctors 4200 (pay scale 9300-34800), while AYUSH doctors are claiming 5200 claims.


Ranchi, [Neeraj Amber]. Everyone knows about equal pay for the same work but for the uneven work, the same salary seems a bit strange, but this is happening in Jharkhand. Here under the Department of Health, Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathy practitioners receive the same wages as the compounders and nurses working under them. Due to the depraved attitude of the state government towards indigenous doctors, this wage could not be removed from the discrepancy. The related file is swinging between one department and another department.


The pay scale of AYUSH doctors in the state is 9300-34800, whereas the pay scale of the compounders and nurses working under AYUSH is also the same. The grade of physicians of this system is 4200, and so is the grade  of compounders and nurses. After the attention was received by the physicians, the health department several times forwarded the proposals for improvement to the finance department, but the finance department returned it back to the department every time. At present the matter is hanging. Hundreds of doctors are raising it. At the same time,  the new appointment of doctors in Jharkhand has remained suspended for ten years.

This error occurred in the order of fixing the revised salary on the recommendation of the fit committee by the state government in 2009. Since then only this scale is applicable. In the light of the recommendation of the Fitzmat Committee by the Finance Department, on February 28, 2009, there are many more errors in the notification regarding the payment of salaries. The post of AYUSH doctors has been shown to be Homeopathic physician, Vaidya, Hakim etc. While these posts have now been named as AYUSH Medical Officer. According to AYUSH doctors, the Finance Department had completely demoted the designation of the time of the third pay revision committee.

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