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Bach Flower Remedy: White Chestnut 

Bach flower remedies
“It’s nice to sit down for a conversation with myself once in a while, coz even I need expert advice at times” ??
But when these conversations of ‘once in a while’ turn into , the mind constantly being engaged in ‘useless’ talks , worries and arguments that do not seem to cease even when the body is utterly tired and needs rest , then these times call for the the Bach Remedy WHITE CHESTNUT.
A few drops of this Remedy bring the mind to rest and thus the mind-body equilibrium is brought back to its normal .
Repeated thoughts , constant , incessant, when the mind can’t think rationally coz it is already over clouded by other unwanted  thoughts ; When the head seems to be all over the place and when thoughts and worries go round n round like a stuck record  – NO PEACE OF MIND…… and all these do not let you take that 1 decision or action you want to take ,  because one’s actions ought to come out of a stillness and not be rushing on…!!!!
These tormenting thoughts and ideas take away your peace of mind and though your body might win the fight with the mind and you go to ‘sleep’ but your mind is still ‘wide awake’  and even when you get up after hours of sleep , you still feel so drained of energy as if you haven’t slept in years!!!!  WHITE CHESTNUT here , in all of the above situations and such, is hands down the best Remedy to CLEAR, RELAX and CALM your MIND . It helps put away all those ‘irrelevant talks n thoughts’ that have been hovering all over . It CLEARS AWAY that jumble of ‘wired ‘ ‘intertwined’ thoughts and helps bring about a clarity of mind.
That HEADACHE that you might be suffering from due to these continuous thoughts , or that INCESSANT COUGH that might be taking a toll on you , all go away with this wonderful Remedy.
So think no more and use WHITE CHESTNUT whenever your mind starts ‘cooking up’ all those weird stories and unwanted thoughts and bring back the CLEAR , HAPPY, FOCUSED YOU…!!!!!

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