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Camps in Village Babri, 513 Patients Examined

GurdaspurBabri, Gurdaspur: Free Medical Checkup Camp was organized under the chairmanship of District Ayurvedic and Unani Officer Dr. Rajesh Sood and District Homeopathic Officer, Gurdaspur Dr Gyan Chand. It was supervised by Medical Officer Dr. Rakesh Kumar and Nodal Officer Dr. Inderjit Rana. The camp was organized by AYUSH Department, Gurdaspur according to the directions of Director, Ayurveda and Chief, Homeopathy.


In the camp, SMO Gurdaspur Dr. Vijay Kumar joined especially. Expert doctors present in the camp checked 513 patients and distributed free medicines to them. All the present Doctors of the camp offered the flowers before Lord Dhanwant and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In the camp, the Chief Gurudwara Committee Gurmeet, along with the employees and employees of the group Gurudwara gave their special support. In the medical camp, Tuli Lab was kept free of charge from Gurdaspur. On this occasion, Dr. Ramesh Atri, Dr. Ashok Atri, Dr. Sangeeta, Dr. Kulbir Kaur, Dr. Monika, Dr. Jeevan Jyoti, Dr. Harinder Singh, Dispersor Vaishno Das, Bharat Bhushan, Veer Singh, Satwant Singh, Neetu Mahajan , Sukhdevar śas, Kusum and others were present.


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