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Revolutionized Homeopathy: Sehgal Method of Homoeopathy by Mind

mind, bodyWe prescribe on symptoms of the mind alone. This is a direct application of the principle that the health and disease of man proceeds from the centre and therefore cure must begin there also.

Dr.Kent described the anatomy of mind as comprised of the intelligence plus emotions, aided by memory. We suggest that these functions of mind are linked to the nervous system which is connected to every part of the body. Through this connection every disturbance in every part of teh body will find expression in mental symptoms. The nerves act like the strings of a musical instrument and their vibrations manifest in the form of speech and actions.

Thus the present mental state is the true representative of whatever order or disorder is occuring in the body and can serve as an accurate indicator of the necessary remedy.


Observe everything that the patient does and says, not only what is directly concerned with the sickness. Hear what he says, what he talks about and observe what he does with his face and body as he talks.

Note those expressions of the patient which are present, predominating and persisting. The conversion of the patients’ expression into the rubrics of the mind section of the repertory is one of the skills central to our method and it must be practiced like an art.

Long way of prescribing in this way has taught us that after giving a remedy we expect two things to happen. We expect first that a balance should be regained in those symptoms of mind on which the prescription was based, together with a general feeling of greater well – being. This is what happens first, and it is permanent.

But we also expect to see a second response, which is unpleasant, and temporary. It takes the form of eliminations from one of the five natural outlets of the body, that is the nose, mouth, anus, urethra, or skin. It has been our experience that these discharges – which often involve the symptoms of an acute illness such as coryza or loose motions – last for an odd number of days, usually three, but sometimes five, seven or even more days. And with this discharge, relief of the physical ailments occurs.


How to master the rubric:

It is by knowing them precisely word by word and as a whole. For example:

BUSINESS talks of
Now we separate the rubric word by word like :
Business : Means, trade or occupation of undertaking to earn ones bread.
Talks : Expressing concern about
of: Connected, related

Inference: While being sick the patient is giving information about his feeling related to the work which is the main source of his living.

Version: patient says, ” Dr. give me the medicine which enables me to resume my work. Though I am in bed, I can’t forget my business. Still I try to know and exchange information with my staff / family members about it.

Case 1 :

A lady who was under my treatment for allergic dermatitis, one day in a irritating tone said to me, ” Dr., It’s already four months that I have been taking treatment and paying, but now I feel that I have paid you more than the relief I got in four months. Now you have to treat me without any payment unless I am not going to get the relief equivalent to the amount I have already paid to you.”

On the basis of :

  • Fear extravagance of
  • Business talks of

Opium 30, was prescribed.

Case 2 of Spring catarrh – Kerato-Conjunctivitis

A lady aged 65 years, came for redness , swelling and itching sensation in her right eye. The complaints had been going on for 2 years. It would start in mid April till the end of summer and during change of weather. She had seen many eye Specialist. She was using eye drops which was giving her temporary relief.

She was irritable of late with no desire to work, always had a wish to keep lying down. She was also very sleepy and felt feverish. She lives with her husband, son and grandson. Her daughter-in-law died some years earlier.
She had to look after the family herself. She had part-time help who is very irregular in her timings. As she didn’t keep good health so she has to depend upon her. She told me that she is not happy with the helper who is always in a hurry to finish the work and go, although she has been taking a good care of the helper. She said, Dr. I pay her extra money and treat her ( the helper) like a family member, but still she ( helper) doesn’t work the way she wants.

She said, ” I am worried what would happen when I died”? This thought worries me a lot. She said, ” I have always done my best for others. “Why is God doing this to me?” How could I survive without my eyes? Her main worry was her 12 years old grandson, and the servant’s behavior used to anger her because the grandson has to eat the food that wasn’t cooked properly, despite her good behavior towards the servant.


  • ANGER, touched when
  • BED desire to remain in
  • FEAR of misfortune
  • ANXIETY future, about

Antim.crud C30 was given. Patient got better and didn’t get the problem thereafter.
Explanation of Anger touched when
Anger: A strong emotion excited by an injury involving a desire for retaliation.
Touched: Coming into contact with the fingers or hands or any part of someone’s body.
Sometimes touch is pleasant and sometimes unpleasant ; may convey friendly feeling or evil designs and invite reaction accordingly. This is about physical touch.
There is another more important view in this context, where feelings or sensitivities are affected, where words and thoughts touch the mind and provoke strong displeasure and a desire for retaliation comes.
Version : Because of my ailments, ideas come to my mind that if I die what will happen to my children. There is no one to look after them. They are so small and innocent that they will require love and affection of someone. These sentiments move my mind violently to argue that I have never thought of doing any wrong to others then why all this suffering for me and my children. Sometime I ask the God tell me where I gone wrong, what wrong I did to HIM or others that I have to go through this agony ?

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