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Fever & Homeopathy


Managing the fever cases is a challenging job for a Homeopath. In acute prescribing, the physician has to show quick results. There is exerted some pressure from the parents of a child. It is an acute evolving process. We have to see the changes at mind & physical level. From the evolutionary standpoint fever is operating since millions of years. Is it a boon or curse? Since many years, the notion is that fever is the defensive reaction of the system. If we prescribe a chronic constitutional remedy and after that if a patient develops fever, then remember that it is a good reaction of the body.
I had a case of psoriasis where constitutional remedy was Lycopodium. After prescribing Lycopodium, within a week, the patient developed high grade fever and within 3-4 days Psoriasis diminished. For 12 years this patient had no fever. Fever is the beneficial reaction of system.

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