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Tiger CM – Homoeopathic Master Class in the Himalayan Jungles!

Feb 11- 21, 2019
Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand , INDIA
Venue: Taj Resorts & Spa, Jim Corbett
A Master class in homeopathy in the pristine Himalayan jungles with wild elephants as your neighbours,waking up to Yoga and meditation amongst Indian hospitality and Taj luxury!All of this at unbeatable prices!
After 2 successful jungle seminars , we are back with Tiger CM !
• 10-12 Live cases (with transcription in English projected on a big screen)
• Meditation session and self healing session to know the homeopath within and the person within.
• Intricate use of the MAP (M – Mineral, A – Animal, – Plant), adding more remedies from plant and animal and Kingdoms to the MAP.
• Vibrant and lively discussions on the cases in a cosy group for everyone to be able to contribute their ideas or get their queries solved.
• These discussions have always been the highlight of every event.
• Successful video cases showing the actual working of the Joshis.
• How do the Joshis’ deal with difficult and failed cases.

 About the Joshis

Dr. Bhawisha & Dr. Shachindra Joshi have been with Homoeopathy for over 20 yrs. They are masters known for their ability to simplify and explain complex looking ideas and infuse confidence and enthusiasm through their talks. They have made a quantum shift in the world of Homoeopathy by devising a MAP which brings all three kingdoms on one page and this has made homoeopathic practice more profound and wholesome than ever before. Their pioneering idea is called the MAP ( Minerals , Animals & Plants) on the grid of the periodic table.
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