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AspenDr. Edward Bach grouped the 38 remedies he discovered in the Bach Flower System of medicine under seven headings. Let us consider the first heading i.e the Remedies for  FEAR.
Dr. Edward Bach gave five remedies for different kinds of fears .Those remedies are as follows:

  • Aspen
  • Cherry Plum
  • Mimulus
  • Red Chestnut
  • Rock Rose

Let us understand the Bach Flower Remedy ASPEN


The botanical name of Bach Flower remedy Aspen is Populustremula. It is an undersized tree that grows up to a maximum height of 15 meters. Aspen blooms during the month of February and early April.
The preparation of Aspen involves employing the boiling method used in Bach system of Medicine. Both male and female flowers are used to obtain the medicine by boiling method for which flowers are collected from different trees.
The Bach Flower remedy Aspen is effective in cases of indistinct or inexplicable fears. They are the fears of strange kind. People who endure the Aspen state of mind will say they fear “something wrong, fearful will happen”. If you ask them for explaining what will happen they cannot describe it but will be awfully fearful of what they know is going to happen. Simply put Aspen is for fear of unknown.
Such people are always in an anxious, worried state of mind as if they are surviving on the edge of knife with frightening anticipation; the reason for which they cannot explain to others.
When people are enduring the Aspen state,  their mind is excessively approachable and impressed very easily with the mysterious , gloomy and ominous side of life.The suffer are unable to find their grip on the balancing as well as defensive utilities of the motives and belief.In addition they may be engulfed by the elemental frights and intimidating murky forces of doom which may enter the profundity of individual’s existence.Hence sometimes people belonging to Aspen type may develop individual sacraments to set up a feeling of protection.Here we need to distinguish between the protection from outside influence of Walnut with that of Aspen. In case of Aspen in spite of precautions adopted by means of sacraments there may be sustained attraction of the unidentified which may induce as assorted reaction of terror as well as exaggeration. The Aspen fears do not have any solid reason neither they are found on reality and science.Feelings of threatening may be unclear and perhaps be make –believe. Aspen can be used in cases of apprehensive hallucinations and suspicions or mistrust when terrors are founded on imaginary feelings accompanied by unforgettable attributes.In cases of extreme Aspen state the suffers experience emotions that are weird and scary accompanied by intense fear whereas in less severe cases the concern /nervousness is more balanced. Everything including quivering, wobbly or even indistinct flickering sensations in the stomach coupled with chilliness, faintness and horrendousness are signs that an individual requires the Bach flower remedy Aspen.
Animals may also endure the Aspen state of mind and in this condition the animal is likely to moan, wheeze or seem to be agitated unreasonably. In case your animal or pet suffers from spells of apprehension for illogical reasons, it may be possible that he/she requires Aspen Healing.
Let us see  what the founder of this wonderful system of medicine Dr.Edward Bach had to say about the Aspen;

Dr Bach’s description

Vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. Yet the patient may be terrified of something terrible going to happen, he knows not what. These vague unexplainable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers often are afraid to tell their trouble to others.
– The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies
Let us study two cases which are taken from the book “Handbook of Bach Flower remedies” by Philip M Chancellor
CASE 1 :
Man, age 80.For past two years he had an unreasonable fear of fire in his house. This caused him to become very nervous and irrational, for he would frequently dress himself during the night and go downstairs to assure himself that all was well. Aspen was obviously the remedy was groundless fear filled mind. He was also given Crab Apple to cleanse the effect of his fear filled mind, which had caused chest congestion. After a month his wife wrote to say that he had improved greatly. He no longer went downstairs in the night and the chest congestion was much better. He continued to take the remedies for another two months when his wife reported that he was “altogether a different man both mentally and physically”.
Case 2
Women aged 26, unmarried. She was extremely nervous disposition and was always frightened of something which she could not explain. When the fear came upon her she felt as if she was going to faint and she often did. She suffered from palpitations and she felt that she lacked the courage to face life’s problem. Aspen was prescribed as the Remedy for her inexplicable fear .Larch was added to bolster up her confidence. After taking the medicine for a month, there was no appreciable difference, except that she has not fainted. At the end of second month she reported that she had but one attack of fear and that her heart palpitations had almost ceased .She said that she felt much better in general. She continued the treatment for another two months after which time she could say that “she had never felt better physically “and that she was able to face any situation.

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