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DIET AND REGIMEN For chronic diseases according to Dr Samuel Hahnemann  

The chronic diseases , their peculiar nature and their Homoeopathic Cure.Introduction
Our master Dr. Hahnemann has given specific diet and mode of living for the patients who are under homoeopathic treatment for a chronic disease. This was illustrated detail in his theory of chronic diseases. Hahnemann says, “Everything that hinders the cure must also in these cases removed”. The following guidelines given by Dr. Hahnemann are as follows:
Mode of living

  • The daily laborer, if his strength allows, should continue hi labor, only labors that would interfere with health of the healthy person should be interdicted
  • The class of men with sedentary work should be directed to work more in open air
  • He will not stop them from enjoying harmless music or from listening to lectures which are not too fatiguing
  • He can never allow the playing of cards
  • The flirtations and empty excitations of sensuality between sexes, reading of indelicate novels and poems of like character, superstitious and enthusiastic books, are all together interdicted
  • Mental occupation should be limited
  • Forbidden the use of any domestic remedies or the use of any medicines on their own account
  • With the high class, perfumeries, scented waters, tooth powders and other medicines for teeth also be forbidden
  • Cleanliness may demand from time to time


  • Lower class, there need be no very strict limitations
  • Limit the condiments of onion and pepper with his meager diet
  • Coffee has in great part the injurious effects on the healthy body. In people up to 30 years of age it can be stopped immediately and absolutely. In people above 30 years it should be reduced gradually and then stopped
  • Rye or wheat, roasted like coffee in a drum and then boiled and prepared like coffee, has both in smell and much resemblance of coffee. This can be used as an alternative
  • Wine – with chronic patients it will be hardly ever necessary to altogether forbid it. To do also would produce a sudden sinking of their strength and an obstruction to their cure and might even endangers their life. The concentration of wine should be reduced gradually by mixing with equal parts of water. Later 5 to 6 parts of water can be mixed and it can be used regularly as a health drink
  • Giving up of whisky and brandy is necessary. A small portion of good, pure wine should be used instead of it for a little while, and then concentration of the wine should be reduced as before
  • The permission of beer is quite questionable. Honest physician cannot allow his patient to drink whatsoever is called beer
  • Dishes containing vinegar or citric acid are injurious to chronic patients
  • Very acid fruits are to be allowed in very small quantity and sweet fruits only in moderate quantity
  • Those who have
    • Low sexual powers – avoid young chicken and eggs, irritating spice of vanilla, truffles and caviar
    • Ladies with scanty menses – avoid saffron and cinnamon
    • With weak stomachs – avoid cinnamon, cloves, amonnum, pepper, ginger and bitter substances
    • With abdominal troubles – avoid vegetables causing flatulency
  • Beef and good wheat – bread or rye – bread together with cow’s milk and a moderate use of fresh butter seem to be the most natural and harmless food for men
  • Only little salt should be used
  • Next to beef, mutton, grown chickens and young pigeons can be used
  • Pickled and smoked meats should be rarely used
  • Sprinkling chopped raw herbs on soups, putting pot-herbs into vegetables and eating old rancid cheese must be avoided
  • Use of better quality of fish, prepared by boiling and used sparingly with sauces not much spiced
  • Use of tobacco should be carefully considered. Smoking is some cases of chronic disease may be permitted. But smoking should be always limited and more so if the mental activity, sleep, digestion or the evacuations are defective
  • Snuff is a great hindrance in the cure of chronic disease

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