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Bihar elections will be canceled, elections again for CCIM

CCIM, Patna
Dr. Ramji Singh, Dr. Amke Sahni, Dr. Ravindra Kumar and Dr. Bharat Kumar’s seat vacant
Jan 28, 2018, Patna: The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) has canceled the election of elected members from Bihar. Four candidates from the Ayurveda constituency, four from the homeopathy area and one from the Greek for the CCIM from Bihar were elected on August 17, 2017.
There was opposition in other parts of the state including Patna regarding the involvement of large number of fake voters in the elections. Ballot papers of voters were also caught outside. In view of electoral disturbances, CCIM has declared the seat of Ram Singh, elected from Homeopathy constituency, Mr Mridul Kumar Sahni, Dr. Ravindra Kumar and Dr. Bharat Kumar Singh as vacant.
At the same time, the directive has been directed to start the process of election. There is also a possibility of the cancellation of the elected representatives of Ayurveda and Unani.
The state government has not received the letter of cancellation regarding these two constituencies. Voting of homeopath and Ayurveda constituencies was done simultaneously. The Central Government has clarified in a letter to the state government that there has been a large number of disruptions in the election of the members. This election was not done in a transparent manner.
In order to complete this election, the Returning Officer (RO) was created by Special Secretary, Sachchidanand Chaudhary, Health Department. Office and personnel were deployed to complete the election with them.
How was rigging done…
A list of the names of all the registered physicians for the CCIM Elections 2017 and the council was sought. Ballot papers were sent to the name and address of all the voters at the address addressed by the office of the Nirbhay office established at the State Health Committee, Sheikhpura.
Medical Associations alleged that names of fake voters were included in large numbers in the elections. It also includes the names of the voters who have not achieved the actual degree. Also, the ballot paper was sent to the voters who died.
How the dispute was caught:  The sealed ballot paper used in the CCIM election was found in the unclaimed condition near the Income Tax Department. Mastermind was identified in police investigation. In the case, RMS personnel Assistant Dheeraj, Dilip Kumar, Amarnath and marketing executive Selv Kumar Karna were arrested.

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