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Homeopathy for Nasal Keloids after Nose piercing

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Generally, the nose is pierced between the major and minor alar cartilages on the dense connective tissue. This part of the wings of nose lack nerve innervation of the ethmoidal nerves and thus, the act of piercing is not much painful. The pain is just because of the skin innervation of nerves. The scar tissue formed thereafter in some subjects is mostly due to poor after care. The connective tissue proliferates immensely to produce a keloid.
Allergies and infections are the main reasons for the development of scars due to piercing due to poor hygiene.
A scar is the body’s natural response to injury. In the case of a nose piercing, the body reacts by increasing production of connective tissue to repair the puncture in the skin. A wound may develop into a scar due to an injury of greater magnitude or a longer healing period.
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Keloid on nose instead of a nose ring is a distressing situation for the person undergoing piercing for cosmetic reason.  Homoeopathy can help the patient to avoid the risk of surgery for such complaints. The remedies are:
Arnica and Calendula dressing should be done around the pierced site to avoid infection and healthy growth of the connective tissue.
Thiosinaminum: Dissolves the scar tissue.
Graphites: Useful for early stage of keloid formation
Silicea: Useful for painful keloids.
Nitric acid: Usefu for irregular and painful keloids
Fluoric acid: Useful for itching keloids
Causticum: Keloid formation after a long time.
General Care to be observed after piercing

  • Use non-allergic jewelry. Artificial jewelry is made of nickel which causes reaction. Use gold, stainless steel, titanium or niobium jewelry.
  • Use anti-septic lotion two-three times after piercing for a few days.
  • Do not touch with your hands repeatedly without an anti-septic wash.


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