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MMC to Contest Govt Notification Allowing Homoeopaths to Practice Allopathy

MMC to contest govt notification allowing homoeopaths to practice allopathyMaharashtra Medical Council, the quasi-judicial body which regulates allopathic practice in the state is planning to file an affidavit in the Bombay High Court (HC) in response to the Maharashtra government’s latest notification which allows the Licentiate of the Court of Examiners of Homoeopathy (LCEH) degree holders to practise allopathy.
However, the September 27 notification which enables homoeopathic doctors to practise modern medicine, is being vehemently protested by the medical fraternity. This comes at a time when two such cases of crosspathies are subjudice in the Bombay HC.
According to the notification, doctors who obtained the Licentiate of the Court of Examiners of Homeopathy (LCEH) degree from 1951-1982, can register with the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC). Any person registered with the MMC is allowed to practise modern scientific medicine.
Medical practitioners have been raising the need for stringent rules to control the abuse of patients in the name of cross pathy. Cases have been rampant where quacks have been reportedly prescribing homoeopathy and ayurvedic drugs along with allopathy medicines.
The fate of pending PIL related to crosspathy practised in the state is yet to see the light of the day despite the fact that MMC got constituted one year ago after a gap of more than one year through a democratic process.
MMC which completed its 5-year term on May 21, 2016 was run on an ad hoc basis by an ayurvedic doctor not in accordance with the MMC Act. The delay in elections is attributed to MMC long waiting period of 7 months for notification of elections from the state government.
This followed a series of upheavals for over a year till state government finally nominated 5 members to the 18 member quasi-judicial body on December 18, 2016. Elections to the MMC were held across 36 districts of the state at various medical colleges.
MMC and the Medical Council of India (MCI) had petitioned to the Bombay HC opposing crosspathy practised in the state a year ago. The petition on crosspathy was submitted along with the petition on notifying elections last year.
The MMC is the state branch of the Medical Council of India (MCI) that regulates ethical practices of allopathic doctors. Any doctor who wishes to start practice has to first register with the MMC for a licence. The MMC can cancel or suspend the licence if the doctor is found indulging in any unethical practice. By taking care of medical cases, it also ensures less burden on courts.

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