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ADVANCED LEVEL COURSE by Dr. Farokh Master: April 13-15, 2018

Farokh J Master

Hosted by Hahnemann Institute of California

TOPIC: Case Management Strategies, Materia Mediica from Jungian Psychology, Important Aphroisms from Organon.

​Approved by ACHENA and accepted by the CHC for Continuing Education Units necessary to maintain our CCH certification!

DATE: April 13, 14, 15 (Fri ~ Sun) 2018
TIME: 9a.m. ~ 5p.m.
LOCATION: 28205 Engelmann Oak Trail, Escondid0, CA 92026

Contact: Joy (email; [email protected])
About Dr. Farokh Master
Dr. Master has written more than 50 books, including:
The Homeopathic Dream Dictionary,” “Cross References of the Mind,”
“Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind,” “The State of Mind affecting the Foetus,”
“Tumors and Homeopathy,” “The Bedside Organonof Medicine,”
“The proving of Mocassin Snake, Bungarus.”
Over a period of years, he has been known to develop treatments for many acute and chronic neurological illnesses especially in the field of cerebrovascular accidents such as cerebral thrombosis, infarcts, embolism and subarachnoid hemorrhage. He has had tremendous success in cases of coma. In terminal cases of cancer and in the treatment of various complications of malignancy, Dr. Master has pioneered the use of Iscador therapy with homoeopathy giving relief in pain and haemorrhage and increasing the periods of remission. Dr. Master is the originator of many recent new approaches and insights in homoeopathy. Although these ideas can often be very helpful to find the correct remedy in certain cases, he underlines the fact that, to have success, no one can do without a thorough understanding of traditional homeopathic philosophy and an extensive Materia Medica study.
For more information on Dr. Farokh Master M.D., please visit his website ( to gain a deeper understanding of his dedication, commitment and recognition in homeopathy, internationally, from teaching institutions to the governments of various countries.
To give you a brief summary, his exodus from the orthodox school of medicine took place in 1976, when he joined the Bombay Homeopathic Medical College to begin the birth of his acclaimed homeopathic career…going on to pass his LCEH examination in 1979, 1st class in all subjects in all years, receiving the most coveted silver and gold medal.
In addition to his extensive international schedule (which can be viewed on his website), Dr. Master oversees anywhere from 50-100 patients daily at his clinic (Homeopathic Health Centre) in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Approximately 30% of the cases registered are cancer patients, 30% being those with chronic renal failure, 30% suffering various illnesses in the pediatric age groups, and 10% suffering from various skin diseases.
Dr. Master also offers two-week clinical trainings at his clinic for homeopathic students who want to gain a greater experience of hands-on clinical studies. Dr. Master’s main emphasis is through his Cancer Clinic, treating cancer patients for the past 30+ years. He passed his M.D. (Hom.) examination, standing first in the university with a dissertation on “Tumors in
Homoeopathy” and is the first doctor in India to do his PhD from Bombay University (now Maharashtra University of Health
Dr. Master’s accolades extend far beyond this. We only wanted to provide a partial perspective of the incredible teaching opportunity that is being offered to you through the humble services of this individual. We are pleased to be involved in helping to bring his services to the up-and-coming students of homeopathy in the USA and all others interested.

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