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A Series of 12 Webinars on Various Clinical Conditions


A Series of 12 Webinars on various Clinical Conditions (Hypertension, Psoriasis, Temperament, Asthma, Body Language, Infertility, Muscular Dystrophy, Psychiatry, Hyperthyroidism) by the Legendary Stalwarts in Classical Homeopathy ..


 Homeopathy Heals is a series of 12 webinars with innovation and a cutting-edge in the field of Homeopathy. A collection of non-stop learning inspiration of 12 webinars for $100 only!
Sit at your home, clinic and attend the webinar at your convenience, ask questions, participate and learn from Masters of Homeopathy.
Webinar series will help you to
  • Learn Advanced Clinical Conditions, Homeopathy Concepts
  • Understanding the child and his behavioral patterns and thereby the underlying miasmatic influence.
  • Solve your cases
  • Practical solutions for case-taking & confidence in prescription
  • To attain comparative study will help in differentiating remedies
  • Learn homeopathic management of clinical conditions from homeopathy masters.


?Dr BT Rudresh,
?Dr Ajit Kulkarni,
?Dr Parinaz Humranwala,
?Dr RK Manchanda,
?Dr George Loukas,
?Dr Kishore Mehta,
?Dr Shailendra V,
?Dr Bipin Jain and
?Dr Jawahar J Shah……

Register now on bit.do/HomeopathyHeals ??. For more details write to Dr Ashish at [email protected] or Call/ Whatsapp on +91-9910625366

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